A new report suggests that Borderlands 3 will be released by Gearbox software sometime around 2019.

This comes via YouTube channel, The Triple S League, citing two sources. The channels state that both the sources relayed the same information despite not knowing one another.

Adding further, it says that the localisation for the project has begun, and as it notes, the localisation comes around the end of Development, suggesting that the game is close to its release. However, all these reports should not be taken seriously, as there isn’t any official track record to prove them right.

The channel further states that the game will release next year. Earlier this year, publisher 2k teased a highly anticipated title, which was thought to be Borderlands 2 by fans. It was slated to release somewhat between April 2019 and March 2020.

Again, we have no revelation or confirmation from Gearbox over this, though its development is no secret. What’s worth pointing out here is that if you look at the time between the reveal of first Borderlands and release, two years passed. For Borderlands 2, a year passed between its reveal and release. Keeping this in mind, releasing Borderlands 3 next year seems against their previous reveal and marketing strategies. Of course, unless they reveal the game soon. Fingers crossed.

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