Spoiler warning for Boruto: Chapters 78 and 79!

Our favorite Boruto manga is back with yet another chapter! Continuing the story from the previous chapter, the story is just starting to get even more interesting with the greatest plot twist in the Boruto franchise. Eida’s godlike power reversed the history of Boruto and Kawaki! Like his father, Boruto is a ninja with extraordinary skills and abilities. He dreams of becoming a powerful ninja like his father and surpassing him. The series follows Boruto’s journey as he faces new challenges and adventures, and develops his unique ninja techniques.

Chapter 78: Kawaki tries to execute his plan to kill Boruto

Previously, in Chapter 78, Kawaki tries to execute his plan to kill Boruto, but due to the interference of Sasuke, Shikamaru, and others, he fails miserably. Although Kawaki seems to be caught up by everyone around him, eventually, he manages to escape, with the help of Momoshiki.

Shikamaru had already initiated a search party to find Kawaki, who was erasing his chakra to hide from being captured. Shikadai, Inojin, Chocho, Konohamaru, and Sasuke also joined the search to find Kawaki after discussing he had the wrong motives for his doings.


Fans are worried about Sasuke’s fate as they speculate that he might not be influenced by Eida’s godlike power, which could result in dire consequences for supporting Boruto. After Eida’s godlike power reversed the history of Boruto and Kawaki, everyone was influenced, standing against Boruto and looking at him as an enemy of Konoha, who killed the Seventh Hokage. Except for Amado.

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Kawaki also mentioned that he couldn’t leave Boruto as there is a high chance of Momoshiki getting free and causing mayhem. He then approached Eida and stated his wish that it would be easy for him to kill Boruto if he wasn’t a son of Naruto and his brother; if Boruto was just an outsider, no one would stop Kawaki from killing him.

Eida swaps Boruto and Kawaki’s lives

This was the point in Boruto Chapter 79 where things took a big turn. Eida began to emit an aura by embracing Kawaki’s face, and then she released a godlike power that appeared to be flashing all over the world. With that power, Eida rewrote history and swapped Boruto and Kawaki’s lives.

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Naruto and Boruto
Naruto and Boruto

Boruto’s journey as he faces new challenges

The history was rewritten by Eida’s power, Kawaki became the son of Naruto, who was born and raised in Konoha. On the other hand, Boruto became an outsider who killed Naruto!

In Boruto Chapter 79 that it was a power that Eida can’t control and that she used it subconsciously after coming through Kawaki’s desire, which meant all that happened was Kawaki’s wish. Now, Naruto was no longer alive and Boruto was the one who killed him.

Boruto: Naruto next generation
Boruto: Naruto’s next generation

Boruto Chapter 79 might be the biggest plot twist that Boruto fans have ever gotten; several have already stirred up the internet with their reactions as the plot twists changed the story’s direction. As Kawaki joined forces with Eida to kill Boruto, it’s yet to be seen what mystery lies ahead in the upcoming chapter.

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