The Brad Pitt starrer 2022 movie Bullet Train received mixed reviews from its critics as well as audiences. Although the jam-packed action thriller was star-studded with many big celebrities, nothing in the world could distract its viewers from the convoluted plot and outlandish scenarios it incorporated. Therefore, as soon as the movie was released it was dragged on the internet and laughed about to the point people started underestimating the abilities of the Americans.

People are aware that Redditors can be ruthless sometimes and do not shy away from speaking the truth, and therefore Bullet Train was a very easy target for them to poke fun at, they nearly ripped the movie into shreds with their fiery hot takes.

Brad Pitt Bullet Train
Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train

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Everything wrong with the movie Bullet Train

Bullet Train got a fact about the most important aspect of the movie wrong or rather fictionized it according to their will. The movie starring Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Michael Shannon, and many more and directed by David Leitch has several moments which led its audience to think and calculate if the thing they just witness is at all possible or not. Turns out the real-life bullet train called Shinkansen is much faster than the ones portrayed in the movie. The movie portrayed a ten-hour delay than the actual train.

Brad Pitt with his Bullet Train Co-Stars
Brad Pitt with his Bullet Train Co-Stars

The character of the movie is shown to be onboard for 12.5 hours whereas, in reality, it would have taken then 2.5 hours to complete the same journey in a Shinkansen. One Redditor shared their opinion regarding the error and hilariously shifted the blame completely towards Americans,

“Americans don’t understand the concept of high-speed rail.”

Although not intended to be a comedy, its bizarre sequences made it the best one in that genre. The character of Brad Pitt was also a laughing stock for the people. As it took only a single band-aid to fix some of the fatal injuries he suffered throughout the movie like getting stabbed, shot, and bitten by a poisonous snake. People are still confused about how the plot got green-lit.

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Bullet Train is a hilariously dramatized version of the real life

The movie is based on a Kotaro Isaka book bearing the same name and is no doubt far more interesting and engaging than the movie featuring Brad Pitt. The book about several ruthless assassins boarding the same mode of transportation all on a mission intertwined in some way is a solid page-turner, therefore, fans of the book were highly disappointed after witnessing the film on the screen. Although the majority of the people are unhappy about how they chose to present the movie, many praised it for its dramatization.

A scene from Bullet Train
A scene from Bullet Train

Japan Rail Pass also chimed in its support claiming the train attendants’ uniforms highly resemble the original ones but were presented with a pinch of fanciness and flare for the sake of the silver screen. Similarly, the route Nippon Speed Line” that the train is traveling through is also fictional. Accordingly, the fans claim that it’s okay to fictionalize certain aspects, as long as it still makes sense after the change, and thus were in turn upset with how the movie turned out.

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Source: Reddit

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