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Bray Wyatt as Joker mask

After weeks of portraying a crazed children’s television host, Bray Wyatt finally revealed his “secret” on this week’s edition of the “Firefly Fun House,” showing his new gear featuring a demonic clown mask.

Bray Wyatt now looked like the Joker

Bray Wyatt’s revelation caused quite a stir on Twitter with many fans pointing out that his new look, designed by horror icon Tom Savini’s production team,and that he now looked like the “New 52” version of DC’s The Joker. For those who don’t recall, in 2012 writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reintroduced Joker during his Batman run with the “Death of the Family” story line. After having Dollmaker surgically removed his face, Joker reappeared in the story wearing his rotting face as a mask, claiming that he had been “reborn” and was now putting on a very happy face.

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Tom Savini revealed on Twitter

Popular special effects and makeup artist Tom Savini revealed on Twitter that his team created the new Bray Wyatt mask that was revealed with Wyatt’s dark secret on the last night’s “Firefly Fun House” segment during WWE RAW from London.

Savini writes, “Yowie Wowie! new mask for @wwe superstar @WWEBrayWyatt created by my team. Supervisor: @bakingjason. Special thanks: @SandyMimpson Ell Farrington.”

Horror legend Savini and his team have created several pieces for WWE Super fighters in the past – Rowan’s 2017 mask, Harper’s masks for WrestleMania 34, Kalisto’s WrestleMania 33 mask and gear, and pieces for Triple H, among others.

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Triple H

As noted during RAW, it looks like Wyatt will finally make his TV in-ring return soon under the new gimmick. There’s speculation on a feud with WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe after Wyatt responded to a post-RAW tweet from Joe, which had referenced Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick.

Wyatt writes to Joe, “Perhaps it’s time to teach someone how to keep a secret [shushing face emoji]”

Tweets everywhere

Many fans on social media have pointed out that how Wyatt’s new mask is similar to some of the looks we’ve seen The Joker with over the years. We can see a few of those tweets along with Savini’s tweet and Wyatt’s tweet with Joe below:

Perhaps it’s time to teach someone how to keep a secret??

— Bray Wyatt (@WWEBrayWyatt) May 14, 2019Yowie Wowie! new mask for @wwe superstar @WWEBrayWyatt created by my team. Supervisor: @bakingjason. Special thanks: @SandyMimpson Ell Farrington.

— Tom Savini (@THETomSavini) May 14, 2019Joker finally made it to wrestling ???????? #RAW #YowieWowie

— ??Playboy bunny Kylie?? (@Hotwj2) May 14, 2019Who wore it better: cut off clown face addition?The Joker from the “Death of the Family” story ark in Batman comics or @WWEBrayWyatt from this weeks #RAW?

— Wrestle Royalty (@WrestleRoyalty) May 14, 2019

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