Netflix’s Breaking Bad is one of the most loved and watched shows all over the world with an IMDb of 9.4/ 10.
The show’s popularity these days is measured by the number of memes available online and certainly fans have kept no stone untouched in this topic.
Walter White is one of the smartest characters of the series and the fans have seen him go from a mannered chemistry teacher to a brutal and dangerous drug dealer and he ended up becoming the one of the most scary villain characters!
However, despite of this scary nature, there are many amazing memes on Walter White which could possibly even make him laugh!
Here are 10 memes that would surely bring a smile on Breaking Bad fans!

10.  Dad Bod

Dad Bod.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=921&dpr=1
Fathers do end up roaming around by wearing the incorrect attire and most of the times showing off their dad bods.
Maybe this reddit user has already been through such situation to know it better and it is relatble. Though we do not think White’s family would appreciate this.

9.  Dad Humor

Walter White pizza on the house meme.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=921&dpr=1

Let’s be honest, do anyone of us like Dad jokes?  They could be funny but they are still cringe to listen to. And it looks like that even someone like Walter White can’t escape from cracking these jokes.
A fan of the show created this meme in reference to the scene where Walter tosses a pizza on the roof of his home.
So the dad joke lies here about pizza being “on the house”. SMH!

8.  Meth

Meth Is Meth.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=716&dpr=1

Crossover memes are next level hilarious. This meme creator seems to be a fan of The Incredibles and Breaking Bad and the person “incredibly” managed to put the both  memes in to one meme making it a piece of art.
Walt is seen denying the powder being meth and other image, Tuco  screams “Meth is Meth”. This is a brilliant meme.

7. Who is who?

Look Alike.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=614&dpr=1

Vince Gilligan created Breaking Bad and he even went on to write and directed several episodes of the series. And it is important to remember that Breaking Bad is NOT based on a true story. There could have been some different idea or situation which led to this brilliant story and series but it wasn’t not a real life inspiration.
This fan took that opportunity and took the meme to next level joking about the fact that Walter White is actually inspired by a real life person. Considering the photo and the crime committed by the person, this could be a fact.

6.  Online Streamers

Breaking Streamer.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=614&dpr=1

Streaming donations are “the thing” these days. On the online platforms, these streamers go live and the fans keep donating money and after getting the donation, the streamers usually say out the donor’s name loud.
This memer found a perfect opportunity and grabbed it.
And it makes perfect sense; afterall the donor gets fame even if it lasts for few seconds.

5. Ungrateful Friend!

That One Friend.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=589&dpr=1

We have that one friend who keeps us tagging us and keeps sending memes every hour until someone reaches a saturation point and ask them to stop.
This memer has the answer and it is always no. That friend irrespective of your warnings will continue to tag you and will prefer to break friendship with you over stop tagging!
This quote fits perfectly with the meme.

4.  Hero And Villain

The Hero Andd Villain.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=921&dpr=1

Bryan Cranston played Hal ; father of Malcolm in Malcolm In The Middle. Of course the characters are way far apart; but this famous quote makes sense while comparing Bryan’s two roles.

3.  Best Teacher Ever

Teacher Of The Year.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=429&dpr=1

Walter has been everything but the Teacher Of  The Year. He has stolen school supplies, seduced the principle and made meth too!
The irony conveyed through this meme by the creator is hilarious. To imagine someone like Heisenberg getting teach of the year award!

2. Unsaid Chemistry


Walter is a chemistry professor in the series but there are quite less chemistry based jokes. So giving a reference to Walter for improving chemistry between people was a good reference by the meme creator.

1. Stop Dreaming

It Was All A dream.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=921&dpr=1

This dirty trick as a twist has been adopted by many creators and films and tv series to show entire plot being a dream. This is a golden meme created by the person. Imagine Jesse waking up to Walter teaching a chemistry class and entire 5 seasons were a dream!

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