AMC’s Breaking Bad has broken several records. The show has brought its actors many accolades and made their careers super successful. However, there was one actor who was exempt from this fortune.

Ian Posada, who made his acting debut as a child actor on the award-winning show in 2010 has not been part of any movies or TV shows in the past decade. Shockingly, featuring in one of the biggest shows on the planet at the time did not help Posada to build a career.

Ian Posada in Breaking Bad

Brock Cantillo
Ian Posada as Brock Cantillo

Posada was introduced to the viewers’ in the eleventh episode of the show’s third season. In a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul tries to sell methamphetamine to a woman named Andrea. He decides against it after discovering she has a son named Brock Cantillo, played by Ian Posada.

The two adults start a relationship and six-year-old Posada’s presence on-screen becomes frequent. Jesse befriends Brock and the mother-son duo’s lives gets a bit better with Jesse’s support.

But soon enough, the show’s antagonist Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston poisons Brock, and lies to Jesse about it being their rival distributor.

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Ian Posada with Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad
Ian Posada with Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

Despite getting some brownie points of adoration from the audience, and  Posada’s character being pivotal to the plot development of the show, he does not seem to have gotten a boost on his acting career.

Posada’s appearances on the show stops after Walter manipulates Jesse into breaking up with Andrea.

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Why hasn’t Ian Posada done more Work after Breaking Bad?

Ian Posada as Brock Cantillo in Breaking Bad
Ian Posada as Brock Cantillo in Breaking Bad

After Breaking Bad, unlike the other actors on the show, Posada was not seen in that many projects. After featuring in a show like this, an actor’s career not launching to stellar success is not uncommon but it not being followed by more appearances is certainly a bit strange.

Reasons for this can be several, like quitting acting or as is common with child actors, parents deciding against wanting their son to dabble in the darkness that the entertainment industry holds. As per his IMDB profile, Posada has featured in a 2014 short film called Heirloom and Denis Villeneuve’s hit action thriller of 2015, Sicario. He has since been inactive.

But in his Instagram bio, Posada still introduces himself as an actor. So maybe he has not retired from the craft just yet. There is hope that Posada will grace the screen again.

Breaking Bad is now available on Netflix.

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Source: Daily Mail

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