Good News for British fans! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is finally here!!

People who have been sitting in the UK and haven’t been illegally streaming ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ can now watch it on telly from March 28, courtesy of E4.

American’s were lucky enough to watch their beloved cop show on January 10, 2019. After this show was dropped by Fox Entertainment (boo hiss), our saviour i.e. NBC picked it up for the sixth season. After it premiered, it has the highest ratings in the last two years.

The reviews are so good and it proves that the show is worth running! presently, we are five seasons down and we’re still not done with the good folk who call the 99th precinct their home away from home.

There are still stories to be told here, and this season proves it from the get-go.

While watching the first episode of season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is sure to fill fans with great comfort. Not only has NBC allowed creators, Michael Schur and Dan Goor, to stay true to the tone and charm of the comedy, but the new network has actually facilitated an improvement.

Season 6 Preview (No Spoilers!)

If you love Brooklyn Nine-Nine and all it stands for, you will love the premiere episode of season six.

Here’s why without any spoilers. (Don’t say we don’t hear you sound off in the comments.)

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This episode proves all the characters – in their own unique way – are akin to an old pair of jeans.

The first episode picks up right where it left off after Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta’s car-crash but cherished wedding day with Holt, Gina, Boyle, Scully, Hitchcock, Terry and Rosa is seen drinking in the police bar and celebrating over a bottle of beer, subtly paid for by advertisers.

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, prepare to see how the gang detach and unfurl on a number of different levels – emotionally and geographically – while the trademark mild threat the writers have executed so consistently throughout the show returns.

But don’t take my word for it. Binge watch the entire season and let us know how you feel about this season!
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