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Yes you read that right Bucky helps Zemo in breaking out of jail. But our question is why did winter soldier help Zemo ( who wants Captain America and other Avengers dead ) in escaping from the jail.

Here’s everything YOU NEED TO KNOW! 

We all know the history of Zemo “the one who wears purple mask”. But if you don’t here is the quick short story about Zemo and Captain America’s history-  so the story of Zemo’s hatred and grudge against Captain America and Avengers started long time ago. When his family died in the destruction caused by Avengers in the Battle Of Sokovia. It was since then he decided to take revenge on Avengers. He planned a trap to accuse Bucky for the death of King T’chaka, which would make Captain America defend Barnes. He thought this will rise a war among the avengers, but his plan went only halfway right. In the conclusion of Civil War Zemo was found guilty for his actions and was immediately sent to the jail.


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And here’s why Winter Soldier and Sam FREED Zemo out of the PRISON-

In THE FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER, while figuring out how Supersoldier-serum resurfaced, Bucky and Sam realized that they would need Zemo’s help in this task. So they decided to help Zemo in breaking out of  jail, in return demanding Zemo to track the supersoldier serum.

These events were quite unexpected and have made the fans quite hyped to see Zemo, Falcon and the Winter soldier working side by side.

Apart from Zemo’s appearance, Sharon Carter showed up in the latest episode as well.

Zemo was shown wearing his purple mask all over again to rescue Winter Soldier and Falcon.

Let’s see what else does Marvel Studios have to offer in the next episodes.

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