Godzilla: King of Monsters is planning to come into theaters in a few months, giving fans a reason to be excited for May. But there is a fan who isn’t sure they will see it in a couple of months, and now a plea has been made to see the film early. This plea has gone viral now.

Campaign For A Private Screening For Godzilla King Of The Monsters Goes Viral

Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Godzilla: King of the Monsters

On the social media, fans started to share a campaign, that has gone viral now, asking Godzilla to release. Started by the Townes of Transit Drive-In Theaters as a close friend of their is ill terminally and desperate to watch Godzilla before passing away.

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The owner of the theater posted on Facebook to share the story of their beloved friend.

“I have a close friend who has been fighting kidney cancer for the past two years. He was just admitted into the ICU at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo over the weekend. I went to see him on Monday and Tuesday this week, and both times the first words out of his mouth to me were, King of Monsters,” the post reads.

“George is a huge Godzilla: King of the Monsters fan, and he knows his time is short, and he will not be around when the movie is released in May. He knows I own the drive-in, so he is asking me if there is anything I can do. I promised him I would try. This is his dying wish, and he does not have much time left.

The post continues on detailing plans for a private screening of Godzilla: King Of Monsters if Warner Bros approves.

Campaign for Godzilla: King of Monsters has gone viral
Campaign for Godzilla: King of Monsters has gone viral

“George is on oxygen, since the cancer has spread to his lungs, and is inoperable. He only has a few days left, maybe a week or two. I know this effort is a longshot, and I told him that since the movie is still three months away, the studio may be unwilling or unable to show an unfinished product. The North Park Theatre on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo is close to Roswell Park, and has agreed to screen the movie for George privately during their off hours, if we can get permission from the studio. I am not a big shot in the movie business, but I know some people who know some people, so I’ve taken steps to get the request to the right eyes and ears of people at the distributor, Warner Bros. Pictures, and the producers, Legendary Pictures. George would like to hear Godzilla roar one more time before he is gone. Let’s try to make that happen.”

The creator of the campaign is yet to update fans on the progress, but a known Godzilla fan-site offered an update. On Twitter, Togo Kingdom reported sources informed then that ”

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Godzilla: King Of Monsters Release Date

godzilla king of the monsters
godzilla king of the monsters release date

The release date for Godzilla: King Of Monsters is set for 31st May, 2019.

Here is the Godzilla: King Of Monsters Trailer 2-

Source: Comicbook

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