At the point when Target discharged a promotion in February praising a black woman possessed organization that sells ladylike cleanliness items, it started a surge of adverse and terrible online audits that blamed the organization for being “racist” to white people.

Negative Reviews supported Honey Pot’s business!

One review on Trustpilot, a client survey site, says: “I can’t bolster an organization in compliance with common decency that is transparently bigot about their clients,”

Yet, these negative audits have just supported the Honey Pot Company’s business, its originator Beatrice Dixon disclosed to BuzzFeed News on Monday.

Can a "Racist" Ad leads to Doubling the Company's Sale?
Beatrice Dixon

Dixon, who propelled the plant-based female cleanliness line in 2014, said that deals over the organization’s retailers had bounced 20% to 30% since the backfire started over the Target business that was discharged Feb. 4.

On Monday, after a torrent of negative and supremacist reviews were posted on Trustpilot, Dixon said her organization’s deals were up 40% to a half higher than what they would be on a commonplace day. The Target advertisement featured Dixon as an uplifting business visionary and various business pioneer.

In the advertisement, Dixon says, “The motivation behind why it’s so significant for Honey Pot to progress admirably, is so the following dark young lady that surfaces with a good thought, she could have an excellent chance. That implies a ton to me.”

A few analysts on Trustpilot said they would quit purchasing the Honey Pot Company’s items in the wake of viewing the promotion.

One of the reviewers posted, “I have used the products from this brand throughout recent years, and I have generally been happy with the results,”

Further, adding to the review: “If the brand truly feel that only black ladies ought to be empowered and white ladies need to be forgotten, then that is a tremendous advance in reverse from the open and cordial society we attempted to make in the course of the most recent decades. I can’t bolster an organization following some basic honesty that is transparently supremacist about their clients.”


A few ladies on Twitter started sharing screen captures of the pessimistic surveys trying to encourage others to rate the organization profoundly and purchase its products. Others communicated skepticism that individuals were furious about the promotion’s message.

Everything happens for a reason, a good cause!

Dixon said that she wasn’t taking any of the antagonistic remarks actually: “I can’t anticipate that they should comprehend the predicament of what it is to be a dark lady fellow benefactor in business.”

Can a "Racist" Ad leads to Doubling the Company's Sale?
“The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well is so the next Black girl that comes up with a great idea, she could have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me,” Beatrice says in the ad.

She said that dark possessed organizations didn’t get a great deal of help from the funding scene. That is the reason it was vital for her to discuss the achievement of the Honey Pot Company.

As her company is empowering Black girls to begin their organizations, with the goal that black women entrepreneurs could allude to her organization when they’re fund-raising for their company.


“At the point when things like this occur, things change,” Dixon said.

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