The latest addition to the gallery of Marvel is Hawkeye on Disney+ which has again thrown questions as to who is the new owner of the Avengers Tower? The iconic building served as a headquarter for The Avengers until Age of Ultron, post which the Avengers relocated to a new place in New York. This left many fans wondering what happened to the old tower. While Homecoming did throw some light on this, revealing that the tower was sold by Tony Stark to someone unnamed after the events of the Civil War.

The mystery of the Avengers Tower

Avengers Tower
Avengers Tower

The tower was nowhere to be seen until Far From Home when some fans noticed a refurbished Avengers Tower that had some resemblance to the older one. However, the tower was seen again in Hawkeye, wherein in the second episode, Clint is seen telling Kate that the tower was sold years ago. This came as a surprise to Kate which meant that most people didn’t know that the tower was sold. Could this mean that the new owner is secretly operating for the last 8 years?

While the owners’ identity has laid down many fan theories since the comics have seen many people own the tower. Considering how MCU is moving forward, there are three major candidates based on the upcoming Marvel projects. This has to be someone not introduced yet, someone secretive and well, of course, wealthy.

The answer is Norman Osborn, Reed Richards, or even Wilson Fisk. Out of the three, Fisk fits the best though because MCU is clearly setting up something big.

The Contenders

Kingpin in Netflix's Daredevil
Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil

However, if we turn to the most popular fan theory, it says Reed Richards as in the comics the Fantastic Four resided in a building one block away from Avengers Tower and has also played a vital role in storylines such as Secret Wars and Civil War. It’s quite possible they converted it into Baxter Building to avoid the confusion of having two teams in the same tower.

William Dafoe’s Green Goblin is all set to appear in No Way Home, but we haven’t yet been introduced to the Osborn family yet. It’s possible that Osborn bought the tower and turned it into MCU’s Oscorp or even turn into the headquarters for Dark Avengers but this theory seems a little far-fetched for now.

The third contender, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin has already been introduced in Netflix’s MCU universe, with Vincent D’Onofrio playing the part. The actor is already rumored to return to reprise the role in Hawkeye. Buying the Avengers Tower would be a fine way to get him into the fold and establish him as the mafia of crime in New York.

This four-year-long mystery around the Avengers Tower will be hopefully resolved in the days to come. Whatever the case is – one thing is clear whoever bought the Avengers Tower might have a key role to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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