While appearing for GLAMOUR, star Jessica Alba sat down with Emily Maddick, Jessica is keen to get the right vibe. And as the two starts two begin talking, we can’t help but think that Alba does perfectly epitomize this 41-year-old powerhouse; it’s one part, a cool, sassy, and sexy Hollywood A-lister; another part, a co-founder of a business empire that is a billion-dollar and partly a ‘Mom-on-the-school run’. And this is what Jessica Alba is like: Multi-faceted and multi-talented.

Jessica Alba Shares Her Stories

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

“You have to be relentless,” she tells Madcick early on in their conversation while discussing her drastic change from being a Golden Globe-nominated actor to a co-founder of The Honest Company – a beauty brand that strives for sustainable products that are clean and protects its consumers from harmful toxins – all the while she was raising three kids and ending up as one of Hollywood’s most enduring marriages, to Cash Warren, a film producer.

“I don’t have a fear of failure,” the Fantastic Four actress adds. “I have the opposite: I have a fear of, ‘If I didn’t try, [then] what’s the point?’”

Jessica Alba Is One of the more Talented Actresses

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Jessica is nothing if not meticulous. When she arrived on the set for the GLAMOUR cover shoot in the wilds of Kardashian-land, an hour north of LA, it is quite clear that the boss – or ‘Boss Babe’ as she is on the Honest website – is in the building. The energy cranks up a notch.

It was on Fantastic Four’s set in Vancouver in 2004

Jessica Alba met her future husband, Cash Warren, a producer and now father to their three children, Haven, 10, Honor, 14, and Hayes, 4. Jessica has earlier confirmed that when they had first met, he slipped her a little note, signed with a dollar sign (Cash, of course!) that said, ‘I really, really like you.’ “True story, he did!” she says laughing.

When Jessica ‘Can we get waffles afterward’

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren wedding
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s wedding

“We eloped and I think I was nine months pregnant!” she recalls this laughing. “It wasn’t planned. It was literally, ‘Honey, do you have anything to do this morning?’ And he was like, ‘No.’ So I said, ‘Should we go to the courthouse and get married?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah.’ And then I said, ‘Can we get waffles afterward because I have a doctor’s appointment? Will you come to my doctor’s appointment?’ And that’s how it happened!”

Jessica has also acknowledged how it is hard to sustain a long marriage and asked what their secret is, she quipped, “I think just over-communicating, not letting things build up for too long.”

Source: Glamour UK

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