The new trailer for Captain Marvel has provided fans with many new details about how this MCU version of Carol Danvers will become the superhero called Captain Marvel. The second trailer is good at teasing the traumatic events that turns a normal person into a Marvel hero, but it has also raised many questions and some really exciting possibilities.

Based on what we know through the two trailers, here’s how Mar-Vell could actually get introduced in the film.

In the second trailer, we see how Carol Danvers in an aerial chase after an alien cruiser that ends her crash landing on Earth. During the crash, we see Carol’s plane getting destroyed by a spear of blue energy, which develops Carol into full. The Kree happen upon Carol while she’s in the dirt, still cracklings with traces of the blue energy while her nose bled green blood, like a Kree. The Krees were present in the crash and Jude Law’s character is also seen walking through this terrain.

This points out to the fact that she indeed did get caught up midst the Skrull-Kree war and her powers were a by-product or the same conflict. This is presented as a part of her origin, but it could be more pivotal than this, exactly where Mar-Vell could possibly fit in.

The key moment that the trailer seems to revolve around us what source of explosion envelopes Carol in the blue energy that we see. The new trailer shows Annette Bening’s character convincing Carol that the Kree made her strong through some kind of process, although this may not be the truth. Whatever explosion Carol was caught in seems to be he real thing that makes her really powerful; even among the Kree. This would also make sense as to why her return trip to Earth begins a possible fracture between her and her Kree teammates.

This is where Mar-Vell comes in. The sequence of Carol’s aerial chase scene is missing a lot of contexts. We see Talos (Skrull commander), pointing a blaster at Carol just after the blue energy wave explosion and that Jude Law’s character is there too. However, there could be another major figure present at the battle: Mar-Vell.

In the comics, Carol got her powers when gets into the company of Dr Walter Lawson who’s actually a Kree spy Mar-Vell in disguise. Carol almost got killed when a Kree device called “Psyche-Magnetron” explodes near her, but Mar-Vell intervened and saved her. This merged Carol and Mar-Vell into a human-Kree hybrid, making her Ms Marvel.

The trailer somewhat has familiar beats but the only thing that’s missing is what exactly leads Carol into this chase and if there’s a mysterious benefactor who helps her. It is a possibility as Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg were rivals in the comics and it would make sense if Rogg tried to bend Mar-Vell to his own will, and brainwashing Carol and taking her as his pupil. Mar-Vell hiding on Earth could also state why the Skrulls and Kree fine there in the first place.

However, there’s plenty of room for Mar-Vell to get introduced in a cameo in Captain Marvel that doesn’t overshadow Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel story.

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