The concept of variants and multiple timelines intrigued the viewers since they were introduced to various versions of Loki across multiple universes. The television series familiarized the viewers with the God of Mischief in many forms, from an old man and Sylvie to even an alligator.

The main Loki played by Tom Hiddleston meets all the other variants of himself in the Void, where people are sent after being pruned by the Time Variance Authority. The alligator Loki finds himself in the Void after he eats the neighbor’s cat and launches a nexus event. Recently, in a bizarre turn of events, the animal actor who played alligator Loki has been kidnapped.

Alligator Loki Kidnapped from Handler’s Enclosure

Official poster of Alligator Loki in Series Loki
Official poster of Alligator Variant in Series Loki

Even though the character made a brief appearance in the highly-rated television show, alligator Loki remains a memorable variant of the God of Mischief. Despite being a dangerous predator, alligator Loki managed to charm the viewers with his horned helmet and become the savior at the last second so that his other variants managed to escape in time. The alligator who portrayed the role of the variant has been kidnapped in reality, according to a post shared by his handler Joie Henney.

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Named Wally the emotional support alligator, he was kidnapped from Henney’s secure enclosure in Georgia when he was out fishing. Henney immediately sent out a call for help and when the government agency responded, they seemed to have complicated the matters. The trapper assigned to the case reportedly dropped Wally into another swamp where more alligators live. Finding and saving Wally from that swamp is close to an impossible task. Henney wrote in the Facebook post,

“We have been unsuccessful in getting specific information about a location to begin a search. Even the original swamp we were told is so large it would take months with an army to search…Thank you all for your continued support, tips, suggestions, and prayers. All of these are more appreciated than you know.”

Alligator Loki animal actor has been kidnapped
Alligator Loki animal actor has been kidnapped

The handler has exhausted all means of help and is regularly posting on social media to ask for help from good samaritans. Henney has even announced a reward for the person who brings his sweet Wally back to him. Identifying the alligator in a huge swamp is a great undertaking, impossible for only one person to take on. Henney is hoping for the government agency to step up and take the necessary steps.

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Fans Are Angry Over Alligator Loki Kidnapping

Alligator Loki
Alligator Loki

Users have flooded social media with angry comments regarding the bizarre kidnapping case of Wally the emotional support alligator. The move has been deemed pure evil and even a GoFundMe page for Wally has been created to garner more support and funds so that a search and rescue mission can be carried out.

The internet is unable to make sense of this move as users are finding it hard to understand why someone would do such a thing. The animal actor might be in danger and no authority is taking the right action. Fans are hoping for alligator Wally’s safe return and for the kidnapper to face some serious karma.

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