Comic books and movies are a perfect mode of escape from the harsh realities of life.

A medium to imagine our lives without the burdens of reality, we all have our favorite characters from comics, movies, and TV shows.

However, as the world is increasingly becoming a hostile place, it’s hard to escape the sufferings of war, greed, and pollution.

To increase awareness, artist Billy Drausin has re-imagined a few popular characters battling our harsh realities.

Here are 15 terrifying photos of popular characters entangled in the deadly pollution which has affected our lives severely.

 1. Aquaman Battling Water PollutionAquaman and Ocean Pollution

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Aquaman is the King of the Seven Seas. However, frequent oil spills have wreaked havoc on marine life. No wonder the Atlanteans want to attack the surface dwellers.

2. Moana Trapped In Plastic PollutionMoana and Plastic pollution

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The rampaging plastic pollution has devastated ocean life, islands, and beaches. In real life, Moana would encounter a heap of plastic in her search of Te Fiti.

3. Mowgli’s Family Is Extinct6 5bc4fba142c2d 880

Growing up, Mowgli was everyone’s favorite hero. But the rapid loss of wildlife will soon make Mowgli’s family extinct.

4. Elsa Fights Global Warming7 5bc4fba503ee4 880

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The irreversible effects of global warming can make Princess Elsa powerless too.

5. Snow White and Pesticides4 5bc4fb9d6230e 880

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Snow White might never find her Prince Charming since she will never eat the apple due to the usage of harmful pesticides.

6. Pocahontas and River PollutionPocahontas and Water Pollution

As our rivers and lakes are poisoned by toxic wastes, Pocahontas’s journey is filled with terrors of mankind.

7. Green Lantern and Space PollutionGreen Lantern and Space Pollution

Our space exploration has left thousands of debris, making space a dangerous place.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Suffocated By PlasticTMNT and Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has affected turtles a lot as thousands die every year by choking on plastic items.

9. Winnie the Pooh On Verge Of Death11 5bc4fbae98c11 880

The death of bees all across the world is a major concern. Sadly, the chubby and happy Pooh is left on the verge of death due to lack of honey.

10. Merida Fights Deforestation12 5bc4fbb113c1e 880

Not even the gifted archer can stop deforestation.

11. Ariel and Ocean PollutionWhat if Disney Characters Superheroes were facing ecological disasters 5bc5016b5a06b 880

The rampaging ocean pollution has spelled disaster for Princess Ariel.

12. Bambi and Deforestation2 5bc4fb96634e3 880

13. The Lion King and Poaching14 5bc4fbb960cc9 880

Excessive hunting will soon make The Lion King a distant past.

14. Aristocats In a Polluted ParisBo SA4Mg0nY 1 png 880

15. Mary Poppins Battles Air Pollution13 5bc4fbb51c8f8 880

As our atmosphere is filled with toxic emission, even the magical Mary Poppins will need a hazmat mask to escape the polluted air.

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