Charlie Puth is a multi-talented singer. He found his singing passion as a child artist and gained the attention of the heavyweights in the music industry via his viral youtube video. The singer later signed with the record label eleveneleven in 2011. With his exceptional singing talent, Puth has earned fame, a name, and a reputation in the industry. The candid, intelligent compassionate singer often found himself surrounded by controversies. 

According to rumors, Puth has briefly dated one of the most famous and successful female artists Selena Gomez. In a viral clip, the See You Again hitmaker is making shocking revelations against a girl which Gomez fans are speculating he was referring to her, after which they started trashing the singer.

Selena Gomez Fans Are Trashing Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez
Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

Charlie Puth has delivered many hit songs in his singing career. The We Don’t Talk Anymore hitmaker has become a musical force with boatloads of number-one hits. Puth is a magnificent singer, but his remarks against Selena Gomez have gained everyone’s attention. According to reports, Puth briefly dated the Calm Down singer in 2016 when they released their song together, which became an instant hit.

Selena Gomez fans are now trashing the singer for his remarks against Gomez. This year in March, the singer posted a shady tweet in his since-deleted post. Fans of the Lose You To Love Me singer has speculated that Charlie Puth threw shade at her as he revealed his song Attention was allegedly about her. It’s still not confirmed if his remarks were about Gomez, but her fans are slamming him over the same.

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In an interview, Puth discussed his past incidents in which he claimed he was in a hotel room in the Philippines with a girl and was confused about her intentions. Here are a few comments as fans slammed the singer for his remarks.

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth

A user wrote,

“It’s very gross to expect someone to sleep with you because you’re nice to them. No one owes you anything. It just sounded like the person needed a supportive friend.”

Another user wrote,

“For context, Charlie tweeted, “Attention is about what you think it’s about.” There has been speculation that the song Attention is about Selena Gomez, and Charlie seemingly confirmed the song was about her. Charlie also shouted f**k you, Justin Bieber, on stage. I remember watching Charlie’s music video for How Long and seeing a painting of a woman who looked like Selena Gomez. Fans also speculated that the picture was a reference to her.

In a candid interview, Charlie Puth subtly admitted he dated Selena Gomez and blamed the singer for their separation. The singer didn’t directly mention the name of the Ghost singer. Puth said,

“It wasn’t like I was the only person on her mind. And I think I knew that going in – what I was getting myself into. It’s about a particular moment in my life when someone very close to me wanted the attention of somebody else. When I found that out, and we ended it, I might have done some shady things too, and she might have asked me, how long has this been going on?”

The songwriter took to Twitter on March 25, 2023, and posted a tweet that his 2017 track Attention is about who everyone thinks it is about. At the time of its release, many speculated that the song was about Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, who Puth allegedly dated when she was on break with Bieber.

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A Brief Note on Charlie Puth’s Career

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth is a talented singer who has established his name in the entertainment industry. He has earned millions of fans due to his musical genius. In 2015 the singer got featured on the single See You Again by singing legend Wiz Khalifa.

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The track topped number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 for 12 non-consecutive weeks. In his career, Puth has received several critically acclaimed awards and praise from his fans.

Source: Billboard

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