Oppenheimer, the historical drama directed by Christopher Nolan that secures success in theaters by impressing the audience with acting and technical powers all over the world, is not spared from criticism. Recently, the movie has faced various criticisms regarding the scene of Oppenheimer reading Bhagavat Geeta while in an intimate scene.
Followed by this, his grandson,  Charles Oppenheimer comes up with a statement on the scene of Oppenheimer trying to poison his professor that is not true.  Although he enjoyed watching Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer, he is not pleased with the apple poisoning scene, as the younger Oppenheimer spoke up with Time magazine.

Cillian Murphy and J Robert Oppenheimer
Cillian Murphy and J. Robert Oppenheimer

Charles Oppenheimer expresses his displeasure  on the Apple scene

The movie has a scene in which the young Oppenheimer is trying to kill his professor by injecting potassium cyanide into an apple placed on a university professor’s desk. Charles then claims that no such thing happened to Oppenheimer in the past.  Mentioning the scenes,  Charles told TIME Magazine that he would definitely remove that portion from the movie. “But I cant imagine myself giving advice about the movie stuff to Nolan. He’s an expert, he’s an artist and he’s genius in the area”, he says.


James D'Arcy as Patrick Blackett and Kenneth Branagh as Niels Bohr in Oppenheimer
James D’Arcy as Patrick Blackett and Kenneth Branagh as Niels Bohr in Oppenheimer

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Oppenheimer’s grandson speaks up about the inaccuracies in Oppenheimer

While Charles verifying with the author of American Prometheus (the Robert J. Oppenheimer autobiography that inspired Christopher Nolan’s film)  said that ‘We don’t really know if it happened’.   He concludes that there is no record of  Oppenheimer trying to kill somebody  which is a really a serious accusation, and  a historical revision.   He  also adds , there’s  not even a single person in his past has seen or heard about such an incident happened in his life.  Unfortunately, American Prometheus summarizes that J. R. Oppenheimer tries to kill his teacher, and they acknowledge that it may not be sure.

At the same time, he remarks on Oppenheimer’s scene with Albert Einstein, which was a effective sequence even though it wasn’t historical.

“I thought  Einstein’s conversation with Oppenheimer  at the end was really effective, even though it wasn’t historical.”

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“Robert Oppenheimer never swore”, says Charles

Charles also recalls an amusing family story about visiting the set of the movie twice. He saw a scene where Cillian Murphy called someone an ‘a**hole’ and told his dad, but his dad was horrified because Robert Oppenheimer never swore and he was such a formal person.  Charles said that if they had been consultants, they could have added some details and depth, but there’s such a complete record that it was enough for Nolan to tell the story he intended.

“Well, it’s a dramatization.’ But I was worried that in the movie he would be this swearing, abusive guy”.

While on  a conversation with Christopher Nolan, Charles recalls him saying “I know how to tell a story out of this subject. There are going to be parts that you have to dramatize a bit and parts that are changed. As family members, I think you’re going to like some parts and dislike some parts”. 


Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy
Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy at Oppenheimer set

Mentioning that he grew up having a very open dialogue about his grandfather’s work with his father, Charles stated that the conversations, however, happened with a very big dividing line.

“Within the family, we absolutely talked about it as much as possible. With anyone outside of the family, my father doesn’t discuss anything [about him] if he can avoid it. As a dramatized representation of the history, it was really largely accurate. There are parts that I disagree with, but not really because of Nolan”, he added.

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