The Waka Waka star Shakira and the famous soccer player Gerard Pique are all set to end their relationship. They are busy sorting out the court custody of their children. Pique and Shakira agreed to the agreement which is best for their children’s security. When it felt like all his problems have come to an end unfortunately some personal issues occurred between him and his current girlfriend.

It felt like everything is soo perfect between Gerard Pique and his girlfriend, Clara Chia. The pictures out in public show their relationship’s happy and cherished phase. But things are not always the same as they were in the start. The recent picture shows that they both are going through some tough phases in their life. The relationship between Pique and Chia isn’t as perfect as they want us to think.  Recently the couple was spotted leaving a restaurant holding hands. Chia’s face shows a pinch of sadness.

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Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti
Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti

The reports claim that the football player and Chia had started dating each other in 2019, during the Davis Cup. The player and the 23-year-old entered into the relationship in November 2019. She even traveled to Madrid to attend the Davis Cup to see Pique and spent time with him. At that time, the Barcelona player was in a relationship with the singer Shakira. The rumors of his affair with Chia floated like a forest fire.

People were curious to know about how the couple met each other. It’s allegedly believed that Chia worked at Kosmos, Pique’s company and that’s where they met each other. A source revealed, “Clara was a waitress at one of the clubs where Pique went to a party with Riqui Puig and other teammates. She had a crush on him right away.”  The football player has turned the pages of a new chapter before even breaking up with Shakira.

Since then, the couple is in a rosy relationship as if everything is just magical. But in a recent picture, they seemed to be upset.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique’s tragic story

Shakira refuses to perform at 2022 Qatar World Cup opening ceremony
Shakira in her iconic 2010 Official World Cup Song music video, Waka Waka

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The beautiful couple met each other at the set of the Waka Waka music video. Since the singer was not a big fan of football, so she didn’t know who Pique was. The couple shares the same birth date which is February 2, with a difference of 10 years. Shakira is 42 and the football player is 32. The Waka Waka song was officially released at the finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. That’s when their journey of romance initiated.

In 2011, the couple confirmed that they are dating each other. They were even spotted kissing each other. Later in 2013, they welcomed their first son, Milan.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique

After so many years of dating the couple didn’t have any plans of getting married. In an interview with Glamour, when she was asked about her wedding plans the Waka Waka singer says,

“We already have what’s essential, you know? We have a union, a love for each other, and a baby. I think that those aspects of our relationship are already established, and marriage is not going to change them,” 

In January 2015 they welcomed their second son Sasha Pique Mebarak. After years of happy memories, things went dark for the couple. Rumors of the football player dating Clara Chia emerged. Ultimately leading to Shakira and the football player splitting up. They announced their separation on June 4, 2022. In November 2022 the couple reached a custody agreement regarding their son. The agreement was made for the good of their kids.

These days, Pique is busy with his new romance with Clara Chia.

Source: Marce

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