Wolverine has been around for more than a century. During that time, he has evolved into one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel world. Wolverine is always sure to make the bad guy pay, whether he’s battling alongside the Avengers, X-Men, or working alone.

Wolverine has been troubled by several mysteries over his long existence. The majority of this is due to the fact that he had amnesia for a long period. One of these secrets resurfaced in the shape of his long-lost son, Daken. Here are 5 facts about Daken that even Wolverine, his own father, is unaware of.

Flanged with Marcus Roston

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Daken moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of becoming the criminal kingpin of Hollywood’s underworld. After the demise of the villainous gang known as the Pride, Daken realized that L.A. was open for grabs. When he arrived, he was informed that a well-known A-list actor, Marcus Roston, understood who was now pulling the strings in Hollywood’s underworld.

Daken captivated Roston and became his boyfriend instead of punishing him for the information. This disclosed to the readers a significant secret: Daken is bisexual. The fact that he seduced a prominent Hollywood actor is something his father is completely unaware of.

Helped the Runaways

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When the Pride’s children discovered that their parents were supervillains, they fled. The Runaways, a teenage superhero team, chose to utilise their collective skills and abilities to fight back against their parents and right their many wrongs.

When Daken learned of the Pride’s battle with the Runaways, he decided to join the nascent super team. If the Runaways had realized Daken’s true character, they would never have teamed up with him. They had no clue how genuinely twisted Daken was, which was fortunate for him.

Fell for an FBI Agent


When corpses began to pile up in Los Angeles, the feds began to ask questions. Agent Donna Kiel of the F.B.I. was particularly assigned to the investigation. Donna encounters Daken while investigating the killings. The two eventually fall in love.

Their affair was brief. Donna dismisses Daken after understanding he is a cruel murderer who will never change. Daken is truly devastated as a result of this. While he appeared to have affection for Roston in order to manipulate him, Daken’s feelings for Donna were genuine.

Teamed up with Laura Kinney

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X-23, commonly known as Laura Kinney, is a female Wolverine genetic clone. As a result, Wolverine has taken it upon himself to act as a mentor to the young woman. This has caused a lot of friction between her and Wolverine’s real son, Daken.

Daken and X-23 agreed to work together in order to track down one of the nefarious scientists behind Weapon X. While Daken is often a psychotic villain, X-23 has always been more of a hero, thus this team-up is somewhat shocking.

Killed the Punisher


When Norman Osborn created the Dark Avengers, he cast a variety of supervillains in the roles of their heroic counterparts. Bullseye has replaced Hawkeye. The new Spider-Man was Venom. Finally, and most appropriately, Daken took over as this Avengers team’s new Wolverine.

Daken was sent to take down Frank Castle during one of the team’s operations. While Frank put up a valiant fight, Daken finally got the best of him and murdered him.

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