For decades, James Bond has been one of the best spy franchises that has captivated a global audience. Sean Connery’s first appearance in Dr. No to Daniel Craig’s last appearance in No Time to Die has not only been financially successful in alluring and enticing audiences but it has also been transformed into a cultural phenomenon that continues to attract audiences to this day.

Daniel Craig’s Skyfall voted the best James Bond film

Daniel Craig as James Bond, 007
James Bond

From 1962 to 2021, the James Bond franchise has seen a succession of talented actors. Sean Connery, the suave originator, was portrayed in 1969, followed by George Lazenby’s brief but memorable stint in 1969, and then reprised by Rojer Moore till 1985. Timothy Dalton’s intense portrayal graced the screen from 1987 to 1989. Pierce Brosnan played a stylish Bond from 1995 to 2002. Finally, Daniel Craig reimagined the character with gripping and emotional light until 2021, concluding the chapter in 007’s cinematic history.

A recent study in the United Kingdom by William Hill Vega discovered that Daniel Craig‘s James Bond movie Skyfall is rated as the best James Bond movie ever. Around 3,500 residents of the area were surveyed, and they were asked to rank their top three favorite James Bond movies. Out of their preferences, Daniel Craig’s Skyfall topped the list with 17.5% of the vote. The second place is taken by Sean Connery’s Goldfinger at 8.5%.  Craig’s penultimate film came in at 7% to complete the podium. The poll found that Connery’s final installment of 007, Never Say Never Again, which received 0.6% of the vote, was the worst James Bond title.

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Skyfall explores James Bond’s complexity, triumphs globally

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

The top-rated Skyfall is the third Bond movie reprised by Daniel Craig. It was a critical and commercial hit, grossing over $1.1 billion at the global box office. The movie revolves around the consequences of M’s decision, accompanied by impressive action sequences. In addition, the movie explores Bond’s personal history and adds emotional depth to the character.

In the movie, Bond’s vulnerabilities inspire the audience to recognize him as a complex hero. Even Javier Bardem’s portrayal of the villain Raoul Silva adds to the appeal. The film garnered various accolades, including multiple Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Sound Editing. The film also won a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Skyfall is the third movie in the James Bond franchise, released in 2015. The No Time to Die in 2021, with Glass Onion and Knives Out acclaiming commercial success and receiving the Golden Globe nomination for their performance.

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Daniel Craig’s James Bond revitalizing realism and relatability

The final installments of James Bond’s story were enriched by Daniel Craig’s portrayal, which made him different from every other James Bond. His bond was emotionally complex and vulnerable, which added depth and made the bond feel real to humans even while he was doing extraordinary things. His movies primarily dive into Bond’s backstory and emotions, giving the character more layers and making the audience connect with him above all action scenes. Craig took on the role in 2006’s Casino Royale, appearing as the character in a total of five movies before leaving the franchise with No Time To Die.

Daniel Craig as James Bond from Skyfall
James Bond from Skyfall

It was widely followed, the James Bond movie was associated with male dominance until Craig took up the role. In the past, James Bond films, which were intended to be pure escapism, were impermeable with character that could perform unbelievable feats and was hardly ever seen to be hurt. For the first time, Craig, who played James Bond, could appear vulnerable. It was when action movies evolved, especially when James Bond movies were competing with other movies, that they changed from casting stars to serious actors.

Similar to Christian Bale, who portrays a superhero, Batman showcases a man who encounters emotional turmoil intertwined with a compelling and gripping narrative. There is this cinematic trend in Bond movies, introducing complex characters and intricate storylines with gritty interpretations, immersing the viewers into the realistic world and ultimately elevating the franchise to a new level.

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