Daredevil showrunner remains hopeful for a fourth season of the series despite the cancellation of Iron Fist and Luke Cage this month. The third season for Daredevil tied a lot of threads, like the identity of Matt Murdock’s mother and Karen Page’s backstory.

The third season picks up where The Defenders left us, with Matt Murdock physically and emotionally broken, desperate to expose Wilson Fisk and send him to the prison.

Fisk is empowered by the discovery of Murdock’s alter ego, and he launches a smear campaign against Daredevil. Kingpin manipulates troubled FBI Agent Benjamin Pointdexter into masquerading as Daredevil and attack the offices of New York Bulletin.

However, Murdock tells Pointdexter that Fisk killed Jule, the woman he was obsessed with. This drives Pointdexter crazy and he goes after Fisk. Fisk crushes Dex’s spine but the last scene shows Dex undergoing a surgery, with Cogium Steel framework to ensure mobility. The final shot shows him opening his eye, and a bullseye is reflected. So it’s safe to say that Dex will return as the infamous Daredevil villain Bullseye in the fourth season.

It’s also certain that Bullseye might try to avenge the death of Julie by killing Vanessa Fisk, as he already demonstrated a desire to harm her in the finale of season three. However, one may expect Daredevil to protect her. But we may hope Vanessa to return as a formidable foe.

The third season ended with Matt being happy after a long time, realising that maintaining connecting with friends is also a strength, not a weakness. But he will eventually ditch the black costume and get back to his red suit to protect Hell’s Kitchen. There will be a lot for him to do as he will attempt to regain the public’s trust.

Daredevil Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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