The new Daredevil season is a cleat hit on Netflix, which has finally brought the fan-favourite villain that fans had been asking for since season one. But what they got, was a different version of Bullseye.

In the comics, his real name and backstory have been kept a mystery to the readers but the Netflix series introduced him as a troubled FBI agent, Benjamin Pointdexter, who eventually becomes Bullseye.

Series showrunner Erik Oleson recently spoke about why he wanted to dig deep into the character’s origin and backstory.

“This is the story of how this character — who might have been a good guy in the world — is turned into a bad guy, and ultimately set on the path to becoming one of the big villains of Marvel lore. And that allowed us to tell, I think, a deeper, more character driven and emotional story, which to me is the best kind of writing,” Oleson said. “Stories that are very much told from the inside, where you’re with characters, you empathize with characters, you understand the decisions they make, even if you may or may not agree with them, and you’re on the journey. You’re kind of in the head of those characters.”

It was through Pointdexter, Oleson saw another potential character to build upon, with Kingpin being the ultimate villain. The story shows Fisk’s narcissism poisoning everyone around him, including Agent Pointdexter. This is why Oleson didn’t just want him to drop in as a character midway, without any previous background.

“I think that would satisfy some folks, but it wouldn’t have satisfied me,” Oleson said. “I just wanted to go for the deeper model. I think as in the future, if Bullseye were to appear in future seasons, I think that the audience is going to have a much deeper understanding and connection with that villain in the way that we have a deep and meaningful connection with Wilson Fisk after watching season one.”

Daredevil Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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