Victoria Beckham made quite a name for herself as a former Spice Girl. After leaving that gig behind, she decided to embrace a new talent, that of a fashion designer. Her luxury fashion brand was launched back in 2008 and it garnered quite a lot of fame for the firmer Spice Girl. However, cut to 14 years later, that brand is not doing so well anymore. In the name of business, the luxury clothing line has only acquired heavy losses that have now amounted to millions.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion label has become a financial drain

Victoria Beckham flaunting her fashion label
Victoria Beckham flaunting her fashion label

Victoria Beckham is adamant about keeping her business up and running no matter what the cost. She does feel ‘humiliated’ by the fact that her business is incurring such heavy losses, according to a source for Heat World magazinebut that does not mean that she is going to give up on it anytime soon. She refuses to close shop and change her priorities, no matter how financially ugly it gets.

The English brand’s premises are on Dover Street which happens to be among the costliest streets in London, naturally making the rental costs extremely high. Add to that the economic crisis caused due to the COVID outbreak and one has the perfect recipe for a disaster.

It is indeed true that the brand used to be a hit back in its initial days. Within 3 years of launch, the brand became a New York Fashion Week staple. Having started as solely a label for dresses, with the rising profits, the brand expanded and stepped into the luxury handbag territory as well. But the pandemic brought insufferable losses that now seem irretrievable.

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The luxury fashion label might spell trouble in the Beckham marital paradise

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham
Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

According to the same source, the English designer’s fashion brand and its losses might also be becoming a point of contention between her and David Beckham. No one wants a constant draining hole in their wallet after all, no matter how fat the wallet might be. The insider revealed,

“David doesn’t want to be the bad guy, but the business has been supported by Brand Beckham money for years and can be a huge drain on finances.”

Victoria Beckham is humiliated by her luxury brand accumulating millions in loss
Victoria Beckham is humiliated by her luxury brand accumulating millions in loss

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The source further shared,

“If it doesn’t generate money, changes need to happen; but it’s such a thorny issue for them, because Victoria is passionate about her business. She is reluctant to change too much because she has a vision for her brand and refuses to cheapen it.”

Only time will tell what conclusion the spouses shall mutually come to. Will Victoria bend the knee ‘like Beckham’ or remain as adamant as ever? The couple tied the knot in 1999 and share four kids but with tension brewing over her clothing brand, insiders are speculating that if the issue is not nipped in the bud, this might become an impassable hurdle in the Beckham marriage.

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Source: Marca

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