Get ready Nightwing fans, Dick Grayson is more. Now, we have Ric Grayson.

The recent Batman #55 saw Dick taking a bullet in the head, thanks to KGBeast while Batman and Dick were talking to Commissioner Gordon. However, Nightwing #50 revealed that the hero survived the attack, and now issue #51 reveals that the man who has survived isn’t Dick.

The next Nightwing issue will show a different/changed hero. Having lost his memory and skills, Dick Grayson is dead, leaving behind his alter persona Ric, who is still a hero, just one facing a different situation. This issue with also deal with a “fear germ” killing people while asleep, giving Ric more challenges to face.

Written by Fabian Nicieza and Scott Lobdell, Nightwing #51 will come in stores on October 17.

Here’s the official description:

“And while Nightwing struggles to uncover the truth behind the “fear germ” that is killing people in their sleep, he must also try to overcome his own sudden struggles with heights and vertigo. He has lost his primary skill set as a hero and will have to focus on his brilliance as a detective instead. And a distracting love triangle certainly isn’t helping him focus…This new storyline spins out of events in BATMAN #55. Don’t miss the start of a new direction in Nightwing’s crimefighting career!”

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