There’s no lacking for super skills within the DC Universe. From flying to shrinking to running faster than the speed of Light, the superheroes in DC Comics can do things that we can only dream of. But not every special skill or talent of the various heroes in DC’s comics is especially useful when battling supervillains or stopping alien invasions. Some of these talents are still quite super, but others are things that a lot of average people can do. Still, these are the special skills that help the heroes of the DCU in a method or another, or perhaps they’re just a part of their everyday lives albeit they happen within the moments between the panels. regardless of the case, these are abilities that do not get much coverage within the comics.

Kyle Raynor Is An Amazing Artist


Rayner’s imaginative abilities utilized the power ring uncommon. The foremost important part of being a Green Lantern is being strong-willed. Part of being strong-willed is having an amazing creative mind; the imagination you might find in a craftsman. Fortunately for Kyle Rayner, that is by and large what he was before the Guardian named Ganthet picked him to keep the tradition of the Green Lanterns alive.

Batman Is An Expert Magician

batman black and white jim lee header

As a feature of his training, Batman concentrated under various stage entertainers, most remarkably Zatara, dad of Zatanna. Working with these entertainers, Batman acquired not only the talents of an escape artist but also close-up magic.

Wonder Woman Can Talk To Animals

Wonder Woman Dinosaur

Wonder Woman alongside her inherent capacities has additionally been gifted numerous abilities by the pantheon of gods to help her on her excursion to carry harmony to the universe of man. The goddess of the hunt, Artemis gave Wonder Woman the power to speak with animals. Normally, the Warrior of Truth utilizes this ability to address your regular creatures like deer or lions, however, Wonder Woman has likewise utilized it to converse with dinosaurs.

Superman Is A Super Ventriloquist

Superman ventriloquism

If there is a superpower out there, at just one occasion or another Superman has had it, and within the time period, if it wasn’t really a superpower, the person of Steel would still claim it had been. Take, for instance, Superman’s “super ventriloquism.” within the comics, Superman would throw his voice great distances to trick his foes or, more likely, Lois Lane, into thinking somebody else was talking. Sometimes Superman would utilize this ability to make individuals think Clark Kent was in the following room, on different occasions it proved to be useful as an approach to make somebody turn away at the perfect second.

Flash Speed Sleeps

Flash Naps

One skill Flash has that doesn’t get referenced frequently is speed dozing. As uncovered in JLA Secret Files 1, Flash can and once in a while sleeps during a battle. For Captain Cold or whoever Flash is going head to head against, the speed rest is quicker than a flicker of an eye, however, it revives the speedster right when he needs it.

Impulse Has A Photographic Memory

Impulse Photographic memory

Impulse has a visual memory, which implies he keeps the information he takes in a really long time. Impulse once utilized this capacity to peruse each book in a neighbourhood library and keep the information he learned trying to make himself more knowledgeable.

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