A couple of days ago, the rumor mill was rife with news that the DC Universe original series, titled Swamp Thing was in trouble. But DC has released the first teaser trailer for Swamp Things, indicating that there is no reason for fans to be concerned. You can watch the trailer above!

First Trailer For DC Universe’s Swamp Thing Revealed

DC and Warner Bros. TV unveiled the debut trailer of Swamp Things on Tuesday morning and it delivered the chills like everyone expected. The trailer is dark, menacing and showcases body horror well. Fans who have been reading Swamp Thing will find the trailer to be true to the books.

Title card for Swamp Thing
Title card for Swamp Thing

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It was already being speculated in online fan circles, that Unlike Titans and Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing will be more of a straight up horror series. The trailer just confirms that it aims to stay true to the tone of the comics.

James Wan Talks About Swamp Thing

The horror filled subject material definitely feels like it is straight up James Wan’s alley. James Wan is one of executive producers and he recently made his mark on the superhero genre with last year’s billion dollar hit Aquaman. But before dipping his toes into the superhero genre, he was most famously known for bringing horror tales to life. His repertoire includes franchises like Saw and The Conjuring.

The Swamp is ready for its viewers
The Swamp is ready for its viewers

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Regarding Swamp Thing he said that:

“It’s a human story. Basically it’s Beauty and the Beast. It’s about this guy struggling to find his humanity as he’s transforming and becoming more and more of a monster.”

What is Swamp Thing About?

The series follows Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp virus in a small Louisiana town. However, things change when she discovers when she discovers that the swamp itself holds a few terrifying secrets. As these secrets come to light, Alec Holland (Andy Bean) mysteriously transforms into the Swamp Thing creature (Derek Mears)

Swamp Thing will mostly draw its inspiration from Alan Moore’s iconic run for sure. But Wan had previously revealed that it would also take some notes from the classic love story of Beauty and the Beast.

Swamp Thing certainly sounds really intriguing and exciting. It debuts on DC Universe streaming service on 31st May.

(Source: comicbook.com and io9.gizmodo.com)

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