Based on the way DCEU is currently taking shape, Warner Bros maybe be more interesting on focusing on individual superheroes rather than trying to build on a shared universe.

In the past decade of films by MCU, which started with Iron Man in 2008, fans have grown accustomed to the idea of a shared universe, which has strengthened its roots across television and cinema. The Walking Dead, Monsterverse, Harry Potter are some other apt examples of shared universes except mainstream Marvel and DC.

DCEU has learned to maintain a shared universe could be a curse. The movies which have been appreciated by fans so far have been standalone films like Man of Steel and Wonder Woman, while BvS: Dawn of Justice and Justice League have failed miserably at the box office. Even Sony’s Venom made more than Justice League, which is something that should worry Warner Bros.

Next year’s Shazam! Will be referencing some DC Heroes but otherwise seems to be an independent story with a different tone. Aquaman looks more than promising and its early screening have also received positive reviews. Jared Leto’s Joker is also active and will return with Harley Quinn in the future. We all are aware of the Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker which will be set in a completely different timeline.

The DCEU is setting itself apart just like its comics, breaking down into many smaller universes that focus on different members of the Bat Family like Nightwing and Batgirl. Similarly, Shazam will also bring in the much anticipated Black Adam into the DCEU starring Dwayne Johnson. there’s still potential for crossovers and by dividing DCEU, these smaller universes can thrive and bring in money for the studio.

The advantage DC Films has over Marvel Studios is that DCEU has a slate full of comic characters under one roof, with one interesting story arc of their own.

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