The jaw-dropping announcement of Ben Affleck appearing in The Flash movie with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight has raised the excitement level among the audiences. But it’s not going to be the only alternate Earth we’re going to see. Building on that, here are alternate universes we all want to see in this multiverse hopping movie. Let’s take a look.

Joel Schumacher’s Batman

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George Clooney has already admitted that the take he had on The Dark Knight in the 1997 movie had a long-lasting impact on the franchise. Considering how he is now laughing it off with his amazing sense of humor, fans would love to see the appearance of Joel Schumacher as Batman. The audience also wouldn’t mind Chris O’Donnell as Robin.

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern

It’s safe to say that Green Lantern was Ryan Reynolds’ movie bomb. Fans still think that if he had another chance, he wouldn’t object to a Hal Jordan cameo. All we can do is pray for a better costume, right? We all know how the last one was received!

JGL Cameo: Christopher Nolan’s Batman

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Christian Bale made it clear that he has found closure after iterating Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. However, fans saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt ready to spruce things up as the new Batman. The setup raised hope among the audiences for a JGL cameo. Do you think it’s too far-fetched? Even though reference to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is unlikely in the Flash, fans are rooting for it.

Wonder Woman from The Seventies

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Crisis on Infinite Earths gave almost all TV series based on DC comics a huge shout-out. However, they left out Linda Carter’s character of wonder woman from the seventies. Earlier, there was a rumor that they were saving it for something better and bigger. Were they talking about the upcoming Flash movie? We’ll see!

Arrowverse and 1990s Flash

We saw Gustin’s and Ezra miller’s Flashes come face to face in Crisis on Infinite Earths. With this establishing a larger multiverse, fans are hoping for a heartwarming reunion. The same goes for Barry Allen’s version too. Reformed multiverse ignites the possibility that 1990 Flash might be out there.

Richard Donner’s Superman

Dating back to 1978, the classic Superman deserves a mention. Even though Christopher Reeve isn’t with us anymore, fans are expecting a version of Superman reminding us of that era. We saw Brandon Routh play an older man of Steel in Superman Returns. Fans would love for him to make a strong appearance in The Flash.

Last year, when CW came up with the Crisis on Infinite Earths, fans started building more cameos in their mind. The jaw-dropping announcement of the return of Ben Affleck as Batman has stirred the pot of the multiverse space. In the above list of alternate universes, we all want to see in this multiverse hopping movie, which one are you rooting for the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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