DC Comics and Marvel Comics have their own classifications for superpowered beings. In Marvel their are the Eternals, Mutants, Mutates, Aliens, Gods, Deviants and Eternals. The DC Universe has Metahumans, Aliens, Gods and Demons, Genies (genetically engineered beings), and Mutants. All superheroes of the DC Universe fall into one of the five categories. But a new superhero has given rise to an entirely new power classification. Termed Mega-Power, this category belongs to heroes whose powers transcends that of even Gods and Cosmic entities.

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And believe it or not, it already has a member.

Superman Vs Brutus Justice League

In the latest issue of Justice League, the League members are fighting a villain from another dimension – Brutus. Brutus hails from the same dimension as the League’s newest recruit – Naomi. In Naomi’s reality, destruction of the ozone layer allowed the earth to be bathed in a mysterious radiation. This radiation gave 29 random people Godlike abilities. Some were benevolent and some were evil. This led to a war where 14 of the 29 Metahumans died. Naomi was the daughter of two of the surviving superpowered beings. The tyrant Zumbado tried to have her killed but her parents managed to send her to Earth Prime. Zumbado killed her parents but Naomi survived.

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In Justice League #61, Naomi and the League travel to the former’s universe. In her home world, things do not go according to plan. The Earth of this reality is a dystopian wasteland. Heroes like Hawkgirl and Black Canary see their powers being amplified. Superman’s powers get so jacked up he loses control of his heat vision entirely. Naomi, who possessed Godlike energy manipulation powers, sees her powers amplifying as well. So much so that Batman is forced to coin a new term for the power class Naomi now belongs to – Mega-Power.

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Naomi and Brutus have already shown themselves to be more powerful than Superman. Naomi is a descendent of the Original 29 of her reality. So it stands to reason to believe that the surviving 15 members and their descendants would be just as or even more powerful. The world of Naomi has opened up a doorway for beings that are a class above Superman. Brutus has already shown himself to be more powerful than Superman and Black Adam, whom he has fought toe to toe and defeated singlehandedly.

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The Mega-Power classification seems to be the same as Marvel’s Omega Level classification for mutants with Godlike abilities. Let’s see how this changes things.

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