The trailer release of Deadpool & Wolverine has been met with immense excitement. The Clawed Mutant and Merc with a Mouth make one dynamic duo. And fans are excited to witness Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s off-the-charts chemistry in the film.

Deadpool & Wolverine
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool & Wolverine

Ever since it was announced, Jackman’s return as Wolverine has been more than welcomed. However, this version of Wolverine seems to be more subdued and saddened than ever before. A detail that was not missed by the eagle-eyed Marvel fans. This version of Wolverine seems to be from a grimmer timeline, grimmer than the storyline in Logan. Ant-Man’s giant head in the trailer is key evidence for this.

Deadpool & Wolverine Has Its Roots In Old Man Wolverine

Wolverine in Old Man Logan comic
Wolverine in the Old Man Logan comic

In the vast multiverse of Marvel Comics, alternate timelines and dystopian futures are common occurrences. Among these, Old Man Logan depicts a particularly haunting version of the future. In a world in which the superheroes have lost and the supervillains prevail, a defeated Wolverine navigates the world. This journey that the Clawed Mutant takes through darkness has been only hinted at in Logan. 

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The trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine has sparked this discussion. Hugh Jackman’s  Wolverine is tired and defeated when Deadpool finds him. And the comic readers easily picked up on the subtle references made in the trailer.

Picking the trailer apart frame by frame would surely reduce the chances of missing any clues whatsoever. A prominent clue is Ant-Man’s large head serving as the duo’s base. In the comic book series, as the name suggests, Wolverine has aged. In the reality of Earth-807128, the villains have triumphed. Wolverine, consumed by the guilt of not having been able to save the world, has chosen a life of seclusion.

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Under the supervillain’s rule, America is divided into different territories, named after the supervillain that rules or the superhero that fell there. Ant-Man’s Giant Head is at Pym Falls in Connecticut. This is where Hank Pym fought his last battle as Giant-Man. And Pym’s corpse stands as a monument.

Is the corpse of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang or of Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym? This is a question that the film might or might not answer. But it is too significant a clue to ignore that the film’s story is heavily derived from Old Man Logan

Deadpool 3 Trailer is Telling A Tale

a still from deadpool & wolverine trailer
A still from Deadpool & Wolverine trailer

The trailer checks off a lot of plot similarities to Old Man Logan. The element of Wade Wilson and Logan striking a friendship may be an interesting one. It is surely something which would be great to see explored in the film.

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Wilson helps Wolverine bring his superhero self back. The dark path Logan has wandered off to ends when he meets Wilson. What this means for the film and the villains who have terrorized the Merc with a Mouth will make for a great watch.

It remains to be seen who are the big villains the dynamic duo will be fighting against. The particular shot of Ant-Man’s head’s entrance opening features some former X-Men movie villains. This could possibly mean that an X-Men villain might be part of the film.

Mark July 26th on your calendars for the theatrical release of Deadpool & Wolverine.

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