The third sequel of Deadpool is all set to release this year. Bringing together two beloved characters like Deadpool and Wolverine is a big deal. Both have huge fan bases, so seeing them team up on screen again is something a lot of people have been hoping for.

Deadpool 3 movie
Deadpool and Wolverine in a still from Deadpool 3

This movie is the first time Deadpool and Wolverine join the MCU. It’s a historic step that lets them mix it up with a whole new group of heroes and villains in the MCU. Fans are excited to see how they’ll fit in and who they’ll team up or clash with!

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Rob Liefeld, one of the creators of Deadpool, has stirred up excitement for the new Deadpool sequel with a bold claim. He isn’t just talking big without reason. The 56-year-old has even gone so far as to compare it to Captain America: The Winter Soldier widely considered a high point for action in the MCU.

Rob Liefeld Claims Deadpool Sequel Might Beat Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Rob Liefeld didn’t hold back his excitement about the Deadpool & Wolverine‘s action scenes. The Fullerton native talked about a “car fight,” a “forest fight,” and another fight scene that’s still a mystery due to spoilers. He even said these scenes could outdo the amazing action in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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The creator also praised the movie’s comedy, which is a big part of the Deadpool movies. He teased that the movie has a great mix of action and humor, making it super entertaining. This fits well with the comic book versions of Deadpool and Wolverine, where their action-packed stories are filled with funny and dark jokes.

Liefeld’s opinions matter for a few reasons. First, he’s been involved with Deadpool from the start, so he really knows the character well. Second, his years in the comic book world give him a good sense of what makes a movie adaptation work.

Could Deadpool & Wolverine Raise the Stakes in Superhero Cinema?

Deadpool & Wolverine
Deadpool & Wolverine

Rob Liefeld’s claim that the movie could surpass a “best Chris Evans MCU movie” is certainly a bold one. Captain America movies like The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Endgame are really popular and commercial darlings.

But the Deadpool movies stand out with their R-rated action and grown-up jokes, which are usually absent in the MCU. This could make Deadpool & Wolverine a one-of-a-kind hit in the superhero movie world.

As Deadpool & Wolverine gets closer to its theater release, the competition among comic book movies is really heating up. Can it really be as good as Liefeld says? Fans have to wait and see. One thing’s definite though: fans are in for a treat and eager to see this epic face-off.

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Deadpool & Wolverine is set to release on 26 July 2024. Meanwhile, watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Disney+.

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