Introduced in Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis also became a fan-favorite character, a youngster trained by elderly Bruce Wayne to excel in the skills of Batman.

Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond film was cancelled

There were claims that a Batman Beyond movie featuring the titular hero would soon arrive, but unfortunately, it remains undone, and barely any official update has been shared about it. However, despite the film’s cancellation, fans have a chance to witness Terry McGinnis again through a new animated film or show.

How Terry McGinnis Can Make a Comeback Despite Batman Beyond Film Cancellation

Series like Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond from the DC Animated Universe need no introduction when it comes to the most compelling and flawless approach to Batman-related content. However, since Batman Beyond ended, enthusiasts didn’t get a proper chance to witness the youngster from the futuristic Gotham City being mentored by none other than elderly Bruce Wayne.

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Batman Beyond
Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis

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Following the success of the animated series, a Batman Beyond film was supposed to come out, bringing back Terry McGinnis, shifting the focus from only Batman-related content, and featuring other prominent figures as well. Rumors also suggested that Michael Keaton would have played an older Bruce Wayne, but the film was scrapped and there’s no confirmation that it will ever happen.

However, it’s time to focus on other prominent DC characters too, especially when James Gunn and Peter Safran are all set for their lineup film in the revamped DCU. Though going back to the original animated shows won’t help, introducing Terry McGinnis through a new animated show or film, will undeniably pave the way for other DC characters instead of just relying on the Caped Crusader’s storyline.

There’s Still Room For Standalone Animated Projects Featuring More DC Characters

Even though some DC projects will link with Gunn and Safran’s DCU, not every animated show or film needs to follow the same. This won’t be the first time DC will make a standalone show or film, as previous projects managed to engage fans when they were highly disappointed with live-action films.

Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond

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Similarly, the 2010s DC Animated Movie Universe was replaced by Tomorrowverse and is set for its conclusion with  Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths animated movies. This creates a favorable opportunity to make new animated shows and films, and if the makers consider bringing other DC characters, Terry McGinnis’s comeback becomes quite easier.

James Gunn departed from the MCU and started working as the co-CEO of the new DCU to revive the universe’s excitement among fans and move away from traditional origin stories. Following the whole new superhero world with upcoming live-action films, the makers can utilize this opportunity to make room for animated DC content, and bring more characters from the comic books.

Batman Beyond is available on Max.

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