The Marvel Universe enters its ninth incarnation with the Immortal Hulk. A new set of cosmic beings are now a part of it. Two other comics – History of the Marvel Universe and King Thor – tie into the end of all things too.

We would like to offer a word of caution beforehand though. The following article contains spoilers for Immortal Hulk#24.

Devil Hulk wearing Bruce Banner's skin
Devil Hulk wearing Bruce Banner’s skin

Immortal Hulk with a Marvel God at the end of time

Devil Hulk is alive at this stage of changes and will join Thor in the shaping of the next incarnation of the universe. In Thor#16, there was apparent confirmation that Thor would be present for the death of the universe. He also fights Loki to ensure that the universe remains alive. However, eons of watching over the realms take a heavy toll on him, and he is withering away and ready to die. This is where Devil Hulk starts making his presence felt.

He has fulfilled the role of the universe’s ultimate destroyer, even killing Mr. Immortal. Dressed in Bruce Banner’s skin, he tells the Sentience at the end of time that he murdered Franklin Richards billions of years ago. He is now the strongest of all and ready to be the new creator. Without giving the Sentience time to respond, Devil Hulk consumes him establishing himself as the last remaining entity in the universe.

Devil Hulk consumes the Sentience
Devil Hulk consumes the Sentience

The possibilities

The powers of the Devil Hulk are tied to the One Below All. The happenings may be part of a sinister plan to make the One Below All the ultimate deity of the Marvel Universe. There is also the possibility that the Devil Hulk may be tied to the symbiote god Knull, but nothing can be said for sure until Absolute Carnage ties the threads together.

The present scenario, however, looks like there is none to stop the Devil Hulk while there are no clues as to where Thor is.

What do you think will happen next? Let us know your theories in the comments section below!

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