Russell Crowe played Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder, and he is being compared to Sergi Constance who played Zeus in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Thor, Loki, Odin, Asgard, and are a part of Norse mythology, which is different from the Greek pantheon of gods. In Marvel Comics, however, a crossover between different mythologies frequently takes place while in DC, Wonder Woman and Shazam both have explicit ties to Zeus and the Greek pantheon but cross-pantheon interactions are much less frequent.

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Marvel and DC have created their own versions of Zeus

DC's Zeus and Marvel's Zeus
DC’s Zeus and Marvel’s Zeus

Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder and the lord of Olympus in Greek mythology, so it makes complete sense for his MCU debut to take place in Thor: Love and Thunder. Zeus, in the MCU, is an interesting character as Zeus combines Thor’s powerset with Odin’s responsibility. DC also featured its own Zeus in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In the movie, Zeus (played by Sergi Constance) plays an important role in shaping Earth’s history and brings humans, Amazons, Atlanteans, and even an ancient Green Lantern to fight Darkseid.

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Marvel and DC fanboys are fighting on Twitter

Russell Crowe's Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder
Russell Crowe’s Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder

The introduction of Zeus in the MCU sparked a lot of debates on Twitter as fans of both universes defend their Zeus.

Who is better, Marvel’s Zeus vs DC’s Zeus?

Zeus in DC Comics
Zeus in DC Comics

Now the most important question: Who is more powerful, Marvel’s Zeus vs DC’s Zeus? DCEU and MCU are totally different, and their respective versions of Zeus support this statement. DCEU’s Zeus has a darker tone, the character is a muscular, disciplined warrior while MCU’s Zeus appears to be more of a joke, a once-great King now gluttonously living off his spoils who was only added for comedic purposes. This is a tough question however, the comics can somewhat answer it. DC’s Zeus has actually lost to Darkseid when fighting solo, while MCU’s god class have, without backup, defeated Thanos. This comparison is not completely valid as the abilities of the Gods in both universes vary.

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