Dillion Danis and Logan Paul, the two boxing greats, are set to go toe to toe on October 14. The big battle comes under the Prime Card event, which is scheduled to occur in Manchester, England. Danis appears to have run out of patience with these two after their lengthy dispute and their impending confrontation. Before the fight and the upcoming match, the Danis had already ignited a rivalry over an impending fight on social media. Following this, X (Twitter) experienced a surge of explosive reactions.

Dillon Danis’s Tweet targets Logan Paul’s Fiancée in a controversial move

Dillion Danis during MMF fight
Dillion Danis

The 29-year-old Bellator, Dillion Danis fighter’s MMA process let him develop an affliction and later develop a reputation as a social media troll by utilizing his affiliation with Conor McGregor to achieve popularity among MMA fans. Ahead of his comeback, he demonstrated his true nature and antagonized himself by taking personal digs at his opponent, Logan Paul, by tweeting inappropriate edits of his fiancée, Nina Agdal, on a cozy stroll with her former lover and Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Logan Paul with Nina Agdal during their engagement
Logan Paul with Nina Agdal

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul have engaged in frequent exchanges of taunts on social media. Being more than two months away from the most anticipated fight, Danis has been posting pictures of Nina Agdal, a Danish model. These pictures were mostly sensitive and proactive, showing her half naked, paired with other famous men, implying that she had an intimate relationship with them. Danis posted an insane trio of pictures with the intention of damaging Agdal’s dignity, which sparked a flood of reactions in X.

Danis also posted a picture of Agdal with Jaime Foxx, who had recently undergone a serious health issue. He wrote: “We need to thank Nina for influencing Jamie Foxx to make one of the best hits of all time, Gold Digger.” Between August 17th and 18th, he posted at least 13 more photos of Agdal with men to X, including a photo of her with actor Pauly Shore and even mentioned Ezra Miller’s Flash commenting, “Not the bloke from Flash“.

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Logan Paul issues legal notice to Dillion Danis amid controversy

Image of Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Thus far, Logan Paul has not made a public statement regarding Danis’s posts, but he challenged Conor McGregor to a $1 million bet, claiming he would be the one walking away with the victory on October 14. During an episode of the FULL SEND Podcast, Danis asserted that there were tensions between  Paul and Agdal, suggesting that his involvement in X might be a contributing factor. Danis also said he believed Nina Agdal was transgender when he first saw her.

Subsequently, the YouTuber cum boxer, Logan Paul allegedly issued Dillon Danis a legal notice for disparaging him and his fiancée. The legal letters requested that Danis cease and desist his awful act. Until now, the UFC athlete hasn’t made any direct comment on the issue due to legal concerns. However, he seems to have confirmed the rumors through his Instagram story. Logan Paul’s move of taking legal action was even mocked on Twitter, with commenters calling him ‘fragile’. In this adverse phase, the upcoming match between the two is still being considered, and it is uncertain whether Logan Paul will retreat from his fight pit. And fans do believe that Paul would confront Danis to resolve issues following the personal insult he directed toward him.

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