Disney movies have been popular with both kinds as well as adults from its very inception. Some are loved, some maybe not so much, but very rarely do people outright dislike Disney movies.


But people have their own opinions – even when it comes to Disney movies. And some are as bizarre as having a Evil Queen who is a friend to Snow White. Well… I guess that is true, I mean, Regina Mills is legit all our favorite character from Once Upon A Time. So maybe, as bizarre as Maleficent being Sleeping Beauty’s godmother? No? Oh right! Angelina Jolie! Can’t forget about that.

So anyway… thought of the matter is, they are quite bizarre. But still… they have their opinions, as weird as these opinions might be. Here are 20 of those:

  1. Up is not worth the hype.”


This is a blasphemy! Anything but this! Up is one of the most beautiful movies Disney ever made. And I still cry every time I watch it!

  1. Moana is not that good. The story is predictable and had a bunch of obstacles that didn’t serve any purpose.”


Moana is about a girl who found her purpose in life through the journey she took. And every obstacle she faced in that journey only helped her become who she is. So yeah!

  1. Tangled is a very overhyped and overrated Disney movie with an annoying, perky princess, a boring villain, and only one memorable song.”


Tangled is and will probably always be my favorite Disney movie of all time. From the story to the music to the characters themselves, it was amazing.

  1. “Olaf is really annoying and his ‘some people are worth melting for’ line is just not that deep.”


How can anyone not like Olaf? I even get someone not liking the movie in general. But to not like someone as cute and pure as Olaf? Frozen hearts, I tell you!

  1. The Lion King is absolutely overrated. The pacing is slow, the story is not that exciting, and a lot of the music is kinda cheesy.”


I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this person has never actually watched, or at least understood the magic that is The Lion King.

  1. “I don’t like any of the Toy Story


We all agree Toy Story is the best of them all, right? I mean… To say all the sequels are unlikeable? How? How could you ever say that?

  1. Hercules is honestly an awful movie.”


Okay! So this one, I kind of agree with. Not the movie itself, that was okay enough. But the story? It completely takes off from the original myth of Hercules to paint him as a great hero. Which, he is really not! And as usual Hades is portrayed as a villain just because he is the God of the Underworld. Why Disney, why?

  1. The Little Mermaid is the worst Disney movie. Ariel is whiny, annoying, and entitled.”


Ariel is a little annoying, but to say she is whiny AND entitled? Nah! She does go all out because of love, which in today’s day and time should not be the message Disney should be giving out to young girls. But it is definitely not the worst Disney movie. I mean, the music itself takes it to Top 5!

  1. The Incredibles is praised way too much.”


Given that The Incredibles released in 2004, when superhero movies were still new to the scene, this came as a breath of fresh air. Maybe not as good as the sequel, but the first movie was quite good.

  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is not a very good movie.”


The Hunchback of Notre Dame is as beautiful visually, as it is musically. One of the most endearing stories that Disney has turned into movie, how can ever be considered ‘not good’?

  1. “The live-action Beauty and the Beast was better than the cartoon.”


This one again, I do agree with. The Beauty and the Beast cartoon version was great in animation, and of course the music. But the live action movie had a better depth in story, and more logical, in a way. And of course had the very beautiful music from the animated version.

  1. The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride has a better story and better music than The Lion King.”


Although The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride is a pretty good movie on its own, and the story between Kiara and Kovu is quite adorable and charming; it is nowhere near the level of the first movie.

  1. “Snow White gets too much hate. She’s always lumped in with the ‘worst’ princesses and I really think it’s unfair.”


Another opinion, I kind of agree with. The movie in itself? Not much of a fan, now that I have grown out of my pigtails. But Snow White as a character does not deserve the tag of the first and worst Disney princess.

  1. “Bing Bong from Inside Out He is super annoying and his only purpose was to die so that the movie can have a cheap emotional moment.”


Bing Bong was adorable, super sweet and he SACRIFICED himself to help his friends. How does that make his super annoying? And to belittle his death like that? Completely breaks my heart.

  1. “Mushu gets too much praise. The dragon said five funny things and everyone worships him.”


Mushu is amazing okay? How dare you say something that outrageous? Dishonour on you! Dishonour on your cow!

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