With coronation day approaching, Buckingham palace is witnessing a lot of stress. After the recent announcement of making Prince Edward the Duke of Edinburgh, King Charles III is preparing for being crowned sovereign of the country. The 74-year-old has been already dealing with internal conflicts between his sons, as well as Prince Harry revealing family secrets. Amid the entire preparations, King Charles III is also facing the assertive nature of Queen Consort Camilla. 

King Charles III
King Charles III with Queen Consort Camilla

As per reports from insiders, Buckingham palace is currently going through extreme preparations for the coronation day. Amid the preparations, Queen Consort Camilla seems to be against King Charles III’s decision of inviting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Thus, she has been bossing around the 74-year-old in the palace. The situation seems to be too much to handle for even the strongest monarch. 

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King Charles III Is Being Bossed Around By Queen Consort Camilla

Prior to the coronation ceremony, Queen Consort Camilla seems to be handing out the list of her demands to King Charles III. Provoking disagreements with the King regarding her demands and dislikes, Camilla has been damaging their relationship by causing it to suffer. 

As per Royal insiders, Queen Consort Camilla has “turned into coronationzilla,” just months before the ceremony. She has been bossing around the 74-year-old and has been suffocating her relationship with him. “Camilla and Charles are disagreeing about absolutely everything, from the direction of the ceremony to which celebrities should be invited. She’s even bossing Charles around over his outfit. There’s only so much he can take.” Royal insider mentioned.

King Charles III
Camilla is trying to control King Charles III

Trying to take control of every little thing associated with the coronation ceremony, Queen Consort Camilla has been drowning the King with her opinions. According to sources, the real issues started between Camilla and King Charles, with the biggest point of contention being Prince Harry. Ever since the Duke of Sussex published his mémoire and openly criticized his family, the Royals have been against him. However, none of them were as hellbent as Camilla on avoiding him. 

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King Charles III And Queen Consort Camilla’s Disagreements

Prince Harry called Queen Consort Camilla, a “dangerous” woman and even revealed how he begged his father to not marry her, after Princess Diana’s death. The revelations were too much to handle for Camilla. However, being referred to as the third person in Princess Diana and King Charles III’s marriage is an insult the Queen Consort couldn’t handle. 

Queen Consort Camilla
Camilla doesn’t want to invite Prince Harry

Further, Prince Harry’s 60 Minutes interview where he accused his stepmother of conspiring against him with the British press, is all the reasons why Camilla doesn’t like Prince Harry. Considering her reasons to be valid, the Queen Consort doesn’t want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to be attending the coronation ceremony. “Camilla feels the pair don’t even deserve the privilege of attending the coronation after Harry slammed her.” an insider shared.  

However, despite her wishes, King Charles III sent an invitation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Irrespective of King Charles III’s failure to forgive his son and daughter-in-law for their audacity, “Charles believes they should be present during such a milestone moment,”. Insiders also shared, “He hasn’t completely forgiven Harry and Meghan, but is trying to make some kind of progress. Camilla is attempting to get in the way of that happening.” 

King Charles and Queen Camilla
Disagreements between King Charles and Camilla

Insiders also revealed the disagreements between the Royal couple over the Sussexes have taken a toll. “Camilla and Charles go through periods of sleeping in separate bedrooms because of the arguing and her constant complaining.” King Charles III wishes for Camilla to cool down her temper and realize his responsibilities. He hopes that instead of being poisoned by her rage, she gets to see the bigger picture. However, things still seem to be a “total nightmare” as the coronation ceremony approaches.  

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Source: Radar

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