What if I told you a year ago a green, tiny alien-like creature will rule the whole world with its adorable look in the future. You surely would have laughed at me, Yet look what happened, The most adorable Baby Yoda has been ruling the meme templates for a long time. Maintaining his place in the headlines for weeks now, Baby Yoda has his fans demanding a lot.

The Baby Yoda Merchandise:

The Baby Yoda merchandise highly sought after for this Christmas. The best one is fans even signing up a petition demanding a Baby Yoda emoji. Disney not wanting to spoil the character’s look did not start production earlier. Now almost 14 to 17 months of wait is required for a pre-ordered 300 Dollar Baby Yoda official Doll. Here is how Jimmy Kimmel Live came up with the DIY Baby Yoda Christmas gift.


Baby Yoda Merchandise
Baby Yoda Emoji Petition

What Happened on Jimmy Kimmel live:

What Happened on Jimmy Kimmel live:

Jimmy Kimmel addressed the famous Baby Yoda, and its demand for Merchandise stated that it would not be available this Christmas. It will reach us only for our next Christmas due to its high requirements. Yet Jimmy had the best idea for those who wanted to add the Baby Yoda doll to their Christmas. For those who desperately want a Baby Yoda for their homes, here’s how.

DIY Baby Yoda:

Jimmy Kimmel has saved Christmas in many households with his ‘Do It Yourself: Baby Yoda’ idea. As the official dolls are to be released only in the spring of 2020, here is how you can make a Baby Yoda at home with simple tools. You will not have to knit or crochet this Doll, instead here is the simplest tutorial:

  • Buy a big Yoda doll.
  • Place it in your Microwave for almost 5 minutes
  • After taking it out remove the dolls head separately
  • Wrap the head in some brown tissue paper
  • Your Baby Yoda doll is ready.
  • The video also mentioned, “Do not actually try this.”
    The Best holiday gift for your children

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