Clea is now the Sorcerer Supreme!

Clea as Marvel’s Latest Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1
Clea as Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1

The position has just been taken over by Clea. And far from being anything like her predecessor, Dr. Strange, she’s more like the kind of person who would be right at home with the Defenders and could even hang out with those two murderous vigilantes in Doom’s Kitchen.

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Clea has made her debut as Marvel’s new Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1 (by Don Ho, Jed MacKay, Java Tartaglia, Marcelo Ferreira, Cory Petit, and Roberto Poggi). While it was necessary to go looking for another Sorcerer Supreme following Dr. Strange passing away, nobody quite expected them to find one who’s so obviously a little edgier than Stephen ever was.

Clea as Marvel’s Latest Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1
Clea as Marvel’s Latest Sorcerer Supreme

That being said, this new Sorcerer Supreme will likely set things up rather interestingly moving forward for both her and Doctor Strange – especially if any new threats are going to crop up later in Marvel TV or movies.

Clea Masters The Dark Dimension

After coming back to the Sanctum Sanctorum from her maiden outing as a member of Earth’s mystical protection force, Clea gets criticized by Wong for killing the villains that had been terrorizing a crowd of innocents. However, she had no intention of changing her approach or attitude towards Earth’s current protection. She knew that the new mystical protector is going to face opposition from those who don’t believe they should take the same approach she has in dealing with problems that only she can see.

Clea as Marvel’s Latest Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1
Clea as Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1

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Moreover, the Marvel comic world has long said that Clea is the master of the Dark Dimension. Her first significant appearance in the comic world made her become Sorcerer Supreme’s love interest. MacKay and Ferreira placed Clea where she’s in total control of the dark dimension. And later, in Strange #1, Clea highlighted why she deserves to become the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Clea Is Too Violent For The Marvel Universe

Apparently, Clea steps ahead as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. In the early parts of the comic, Clea tries to scare Doctor Doom off using some diplomacy. But it soon becomes clear that her real strength lies in combat. When Clea and Wong visited the Shrouded Bazaar, The Blasphemy Cartel attacked them. Though they were outnumbered, Clea unleashes a sheer amount of power. She kills those troops in horrific ways while proving to be extremely skilled with shuriken. Clea even melts down one of their faces off. This apparently makes her a better hand-to-hand fighter than most other magic users out there.

Clea as Marvel’s Latest Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1
Clea in Marvel’s Strange #1

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To conclude, Clea is Marvel’s new Sorcerer Supreme. But her lack of moral code and her violent tendencies might lead her to lose the title anytime down the line. While our newest Sorcerer Supreme has some amazing powers and skills to highlight, there is always a chance she’ll lose control accidentally and cause irreversible damages in the Marvel Universe.

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