Doctor Strange’s writer, C. Robert Cargill clarifies why the director Scott Derrickson left the sequel of Doctor Strange after having creative differences with Marvel.

What actually happened?

Sam Raimi to direct Doctor Strange 2?
Sam Raimi to direct Doctor Strange 2?

The original co-writer of the second installment of the Doctor Strange franchise, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,  affirms why Scott Derrickson withdrew from the Marvel movie. Marvel Studios has established an awesome reputation for working with directors to form a few of the greatest movies each year. They’ve helped bolster the careers of the Russo Brothers, James Gunn, and others, but that doesn’t mean that each director enlisting has gone easily. Patty Jenkins cleared out from Thor: The Dark World early on, and Edgar Wright left Ant-Man in the blink of an eye sometime before production.

>To the shock of many, Marvel Studios ran into another circumstance like this with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Scott Derrickson affirmed to return to the director’s chair after effectively helming Doctor Strange in 2016. He repeatedly teased that Nightmare might be the sequel’s villain which would make the sequel more horror-driven, which excited a lot of MCU fans given his work on earlier films like Sinister. However, it was reported at the beginning of 2020 that he would not direct the sequel of Doctor Strange due to creative differences, and Marvel later enlisted Sam Raimi to handle the continuation instead.

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Sam Raimi may bring a new flavour to Doctor Strange
Sam Raimi may bring a new flavour to Doctor Strange

All through the long advancement of the sequel of Doctor Strange, C. Robert Cargill was anticipated to be included and substance out the sequel story’s subtle elements that were prodded before. Cargill and Derrickson never got the chance to type in an official draft for Doctor Strange 2, but he still knows why Derrickson cleared out. Cargill worked with Derrickson at this time to create a new horror film, The Black Phone, which will be Derrickson’s following directorial effort. Amid a meet with Cinema Blend, Cargill explained that Derrickson and Marvel wanted to create two diverse films, coupled with Derrickson’s intrigue in directing The Black Phone without compromising on his vision, which led to the difference.

It might be exciting now to have Sam Raimi directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it is still sad that Derrickson and Marvel could not keep their association together. Derrickson’s plans for the sequel sounded very energizing conjointly left numerous pondering why it took Marvel so long to announce the film. In any case, it is way better for everybody that Derrickson left the project in case he wasn’t excited with the course Doctor Strange 2 was taking. Marvel was able to find an appropriate substitution who can direct the sequel forward without any further creative difference, and Derrickson got the chance to make a movie he was he was enthusiastic about. And with both The Black Phone and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness set for release in early 2022, ideally, both the movies are the best as they can be.

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