The most recent scene of Batwoman, “Grinning Ear To Ear,” has presented the character of the Joker’s Daughter into the Arrowverse. Even though this form doesn’t wear the renowned substance veil of her comic book partner, the motivation was evident the minute she was tended to as Duela while taking a gander at herself in the mirror in the scene’s opening scene.

Is Joker’s Daughter really an Alien?

Does Joker's Daughter really exists in the Arrowverse?
Is she really from a parallel universe or she a real deal?

Even though she is better referred to today as a Batman scoundrel, Duela Dent began as an adversary for Robin in Batman Family #6. Duela provoked the Boy Wonder with the information on his mystery personality, challenging him to make sense of who she genuinely was, as she played at being the little girl of different scalawags, including The Joker, The Riddler and Catwoman. In the long run, Dick Grayson concluded that she was the alienated girl of Two-Face, and she requested to join the Teen Titans with the goal that she could reclaim her family name. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Duela embraced the codename Harlequin and it was, in the end, uncovered that she was not the little girl of Two-Face, yet the girl of Three-Face; a legend from the parallel universe of Earth-Three.

The Dark Beginning of Joker’s Daughter

Does Joker's Daughter really exists in the Arrowverse?
Joker’s Daughter: Gotham City’s Most Twisted Villain

The Joker’s Daughter would be given a darker beginning story and transformed into a miscreant as a component of the New 52 patch up in 2011. Presently referred to just as Duela, the young lady who became known as the Joker’s Daughter was a grieved youngster who discovered excellence in things others discovered ghastly. Duela fled from home soon after her folks constrained her to have a plastic medical procedure to address the scars she incurred cutting at her face with a case shaper. Living in the sewers of Gotham City, Duela happened to locate the cut off the face of The Joker and started wearing it, getting fixated on substantiating herself a value beneficiary to the heritage of the assumed expired Joker.

The Episode’s highlight

Does Joker's Daughter really exists in the Arrowverse?
Earth-3’s heroic version of the Joker, the Jokester, is the father of Duela Dent, and that her mother was Evelyn Dent, Three-Face (the Earth-3 version of Two-Face).

The Episode of “Grinning Ear To Ear” brings Duela into the Arrowverse; however, her experience here gives recognition to the two variants from the funnies. By and by, Duela Dent is supposedly the niece of a well known Assistant District Attorney in Gotham City (for example, Harvey Dent), Duela was a piece of a privileged family, and her mom had severe desires for how her little girl was intended to appear to the world. At some point, Duela got tired of meeting these desires while putting on make-up, investigating the mirror, and seeing just a dismal comedian. She punched the mirror and utilized the glass shards to cut a grin onto her face, maybe about the scars of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.

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