He can take down a horde of supervillains single-handedly, he flies all around the earth in a minute, he can see through walls, shoot beams out of his eyes and whatnot.

Well, if you are into superheroes, then you sure got his image, right?? Yes, he is our beloved Superman.

Does he need to eat??

A comic book pic visualizing Superman eating Burgers

Superman is considered one of the strongest characters in the DC universe. Moreover, he saves people with that sunny smile. Everything is alright, and we love him, but can a Man of Steel need to eat like a normal human being?

Would not-eating weaken him apart from Red Sun and Kryptonite stone?? These doubts would have wandered our minds at least once.

It is for sure that his abilities are on no par with those of an average human, and we are aware he’s got a never-ending energy source in his arsenal, Sun. But is he prone to hunger??

This question was partially answered in “Superman’s Energy Crisis,” Action comics issue 454. This Comic conceptualized the vulnerable side of Superman.

What does Comic Say?

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This comic showcases Superman in his human-form, Clark Kent, who falls asleep being live on TV, as he gets weary after a struggle to save people around, from an accident.

Then, our Superman makes his way into nearby “MacTavish” restaurant and starts out eating Hamburgers at a pace of 60 a minute. This seemingly recovers his strength. He gets a hint that he can restore his energy by consuming a lot of calories.

So unknowingly, he got something up his sleeve as a resource of energy. So in case of no sun, he needs to eat like anybody else, or maybe more to restore his strength. Still, the story doesn’t give any completely reliable answer.


Above all, as long as there is yellow Sun, there will be no danger of him losing powers, thus no need to depend on eating.
On the other hand, other comic issues suggest that Clark Kent’s previously a vegetarian.
Hence he may not eat because he needs food, but maybe because he loves to do so, or perhaps it makes him feel more human. So eating’s a no big deal for Supes, but it sure is for “MacTavish,” well, a high payday.

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