In the recent turns of events, the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have taken social media as a means to express their dissatisfaction with the director of the upcoming The Marvels movie. This reaction of the fans stemmed from the recent revelation that the upcoming The Marvel has a connection with the much-anticipated storylines of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. While many fans are excited to see how the story is going to unfold others are criticizing The Marvels director Nia DaCosta for using the connection as a desperate ploy to boost ticket sales.

The Marvels the new MCU movie
The Marvels the new MCU movie

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The Marvels connection to Secret Wars

In a recent interview with Total Flim Magazine, the director of The Marvels, Nia DaCosta revealed that her new movie which is set to release on the 10th of November is likely to have a connection with future Avengers movies.


As stated by DaCosta the bangles which were initially introduced in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel have the power to pull things from across different dimensions and are likely to return in The Marvel which will also set the storyline for upcoming Avenger movies.

Nia DaCosta
Nia DaCosta

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Even producers Mary Livanos have added to this story and said “In ‘Ms. Marvel,’ we learned that the bangle, paired with some other form of power, can force a temporary hole in space and time to lead to somewhere else. With the power of both bangles, more is definitely possible. And we see the culmination of that over the course of this movie. It definitely leads to plentiful opportunities for the future of the MCU, whatever the ‘Avengers’ and ‘Secret Wars’ teams may want to do with them.”

This news has piqued a lot of excitement as well as dissatisfaction among the fans. While many fans find this connection intriguing others only see it as means of selling tickets.

Fans Slam The Marvels Director: Nia DaCosta

Nia DaCosta’s comments regarding the connection between The Marvels and the upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars have sparked the fan’s reaction.

The Marvels
The Marvels

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Several fans took X (previously known as Twitter) by storm after this revelation and accused the director of using this connection for selling the tickets. One of the simply said “Doesn’t matter if no one watchers it”

While another fan recalled how the same stunt was pulled during the first movie.

Not only this one of the fans even said that The Marvel is nothing but trash and they are just trying to sell it using this tactic.

One of the users even pointed out and said all of the marketing is just the post-credit tease and nothing else.

This reaction of the fans simply indicates that Marvel Studio now just needs to find new tactics to promote their films. Even though many fans are able to see right through all these strategies, others are still excited to see how the story unfolds.

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