Before the pandemic, superhero movies from Marvel and DC were the bandwagon that helped the box office reach newer heights. Today, viewers are not so easily delighted with fast-paced action sequences and plot twists. They need more than just face value as they look for content-rich movies and TV shows. With the plummeting success of Marvel movies in the recent past, it is time the studio gears up to deliver projects that not only meet but exceed fan expectations.

Upcoming Marvel Movies – Armor Wars and More

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are excited for Marvel's Deadpool 3
Deadpool & Wolverine

The only MCU movie releasing this year is Deadpool & Wolverine, a movie that has created a massive buzz with just its first trailer that was released during the Super Bowl. The cast for Marvel’s Fantastic Four has also been announced with Pedro Pascal playing Reed Richards, Vanessa Kirby taking on Sue Storm, Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as The Thing. Seems like Marvel is going full steam ahead and trying to get its projects back in line to regain audience support.

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Another much-awaited project by Marvel is Armor Wars which will feature Don Cheadle in the lead role. After Iron Man’s story in the initial phases of the MCU, it will be fun to see how Marvel tells the story of a military man who is bound by oath to protect the country and at the same time owes his friend enough to embrace his superhero persona. James Rhodes will find himself pulled in different directions. Initially announced as a TV series with six episodes, Armor Wars is now being made as a feature film.

Don Cheadle will reprise his role in Marvel's Armor Wars
Don Cheadle will reprise his role in Marvel’s Armor Wars

The movie will reportedly outline the plot where Tony Stark’s death causes irreversible consequences where his advanced tech and weapons fall into the wrong hands. War Machine has to suit up to protect his best friend’s legacy while keeping his nation safe. As exciting as the story sounds, it has been a long time since we received an update on the release of the movie.

Recently, industry insider Daniel Richtman reported that Armor Wars might begin filming next year. Since its announcement in 2020, fans have waited with bated breath to witness the movie on the big screen. If the reports are to be believed and if the filming schedule remains on time, we will only be able to see Armor Wars by 2027 or later.

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Who Will Be In Armor Wars?

Don Cheadle as War Machine in Marvel's Avengers Endgame
Don Cheadle as War Machine

Marvel ended 2023 with a bang as it released the second season of the animated series What If…? The show continued to do what it does best – showed us the possible variants and storylines that could have happened if things had gone the other way. The exciting series brought back Justin Hammer, a crucial villain from Tony Stark’s life who aspired to use his tech for his personal gain. It seems like Marvel was foreshadowing Hammer as the central villain who will be seen in Armor Wars. Given his history with Stark in Iron Man 2, it will make sense to bring Hammer back in an improved role.

While we wait for official confirmation on the cast and crew of the movie, we do know that we will see Riri Williams back on screen after her initial appearance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She will continue Iron Man’s legacy and help Rhodes protect the tech from falling into nefarious hands.

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