Kim Kardashian is out and about prowling for her next partner and anyone who breathes the same air as she, gets his name listed on Kanye West’s hit list. Ever since the former couple separated after 7 years of marriage, West has had a problem with every man that his baby mama has been involved with. First, it was SNL alum Pete Davidson, and most recently NBA player, Chris Paul, who the SKIMS founder allegedly had a fling with. And now, another athlete might be on her radar but the internet doesn’t want him to fall prey to the ‘Kardashian Kurse’.

Rams player, Jalen Ramsey might be next-in-line to date Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and son Saint West at a previous Rams game
Kim Kardashian and her son Saint West at a previous Rams game

Kim Kardashian and her seven-year-old son, Saint West were recently at an NFL match – Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks, this Sunday. And a video of the Rams cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, signing footballs for little kids, including Saint has gone viral. The video also shows Ramsey posing with the kids and the SKKN founder running to get in the picture to pose as well.

Kardashian donned all-black athletic wear for the match along with black shades and her long hair let loose. What caught the attention of everyone who saw the video was how Ramsey was eyeing the mum of 4 as she jogged past him to get in the group photo. The internet did its thing and now there are hundreds of people warning the NFL player to be cautious and stay away from The Kardashians star.

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Fans warn Jalen Ramsey against the ‘Kardashian Kurse’

Kim Kardashian and Jalen Ramsey during the meet and greet session
Kim Kardashian and Jalen Ramsey during the meet-and-greet session

The video has gone viral on both Twitter and Instagram and everywhere the fans have similar things to say. A section of people is already anticipating Kanye West‘s reaction to the video and what might follow.

One of these comments read, “Kanye is about to take this s— out on all of us this week”. A second one wrote, “Kanye fixing to throw a fit.” Yet another one commented, “Kanye ready to release something about jalen next”.

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Kim Kardashian posing with the kids and Jalen Ramsey
Kim Kardashian posing with the kids and Jalen Ramsey

Several fans commented on how the 42-year-old is clearly trying to bag her next man.

One user commented, “Kim K tryna get all these athletes like infinity stones,” while another wrote, “She’s looking for her future ex husband”.

Another section of fans asked Ramsey to be wary of the Kardashian sister owing to the ‘Kardashian Kurse’. A user commented, “Kardashian Kurse about to hit the Rams.” And if it really is a thing then it might be working as after the meet-and-greet session, the Rams went on to lose to the Seahawks. Only time will tell if Ramsey will heed the warning or not.

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