In a show of strength, talent, and assertiveness, Cardi B, has made the internet go crazy with her bold move to defend herself against a fan during her concert. This is not the first time that a singer has been disrespected during concerts by fans. Sometimes due to hatred or excitement fans go out of control and throw things at signers hurting them physically. In a similar situation, a fan during a live concert strings an attack on Cardi B by throwing liquid at her. The quick response of the singer to her defense left the internet in awe.

Cardi B
Cardi B

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Cardi B stands up for herself

A video of Cardi B throwing her microphone at one of the audience members has been viral on the internet since Saturday. During her performance of Bodak Yellow, Cardi B was donning a flowing orange dress to look her best. Just as she was walking on the stage a member of the audience hurled a drink at her which stopped her on the tracks. Although she was quick in her response, after spotting the culprit she threw her mic at him showing her zero tolerance for nonsense.

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Throughout the month different musicians have faced similar situations. Earlier in this month Beb Rexha was hurt after being struck by a cell phone during her performance, whereas Kelse Ballerini got hit in the eye by a bracelet that was thrown at during a live concert. Similarly, during the opening nights of Its All a Blur Tour, even Drake injured his arm as a phone was thrown at him.

Fans support Cardi B and applaud her reaction.

Ever since the video of Cardi B’s self-defense has gone viral across the internet fans on social media came out to support it. Many even praised her for defending herself against such disrespect.

Cardi B on the red carpet
Cardi B on the red carpet

One Twitter fan went ahead to call her hood praising her for defending herself.

While other fans say there should be proper guidelines at concerts to stop such kinds of incidents in the future.

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Another fan said they love seeing artists fight back.


This incident has raised concern regarding the safety of the singers on the stage during live performances. Cardi B’s response has sent a very powerful message to not only her fans but also to a much wider audience globally.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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