Cardi B might not have released any album recently, but she still knows how to keep up with her game. The American rapper performed at the 20th Art Basel fair in Miami recently. While her fans loved her performance at the event, others were not very pleased with it. People started shading the rapper and her performance saying, why in the world does a Grammy winner need to perform in someone’s backyard? However, Cardi B was not having it and she clapped back at her haters as she shared a screenshot of the amount she received.

Cardi B
Cardi B

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Cardi B Got Paid $1 Million For Performing at a Private Event

As the internet started trolling the rapper for performing at the Chase Sapphire Lounge, Cardi B revealed that she was paid $1 million to perform at the private event. She shared the screenshot of the amount she was paid for her performance at the Art Basel fair in Miami on Twitter.

The tweet had a document from WP Touring, Inc. and the rapper said, “I got payed 1 million dollars to perform at this elite bankers event private event for 400 people and only for 35 minutes ……THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU TYPE ABOUT THIS GRAMMY WINNER,” she mentioned with a trophy emoji at the end.

Cardi B revealed she got $1 Million to perform at a private event
Cardi B revealed she got $1 Million to perform at a private event

The tweet has been deleted. However, the Bronx rapper continued to update her fans about her performance on Twitter. She wore a nude custom bodysuit designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, with extra long nails.

In one of her tweets, the rapper mentioned that her cousin said her nails looked like “hookah tips.” Talking about her costume she said that it was a customer Jean Paul Gaultier which represented the purest form of women.

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People Claim Cardi B’s Lable Got Most of Her Payment

People are still not satisfied as they continued bashing Cardi B even after she claimed that she got 1 million just for 35 minutes. Many people started comparing her to Nicki Minaj. Some even went on to say that the payment was “not to rap.” It did not stop there and people continued to make absurd comments about Cardi B.

People even claimed that she might have not received half of the amount, as most of the payment would have gone to her label. They also corrected her spelling mistake as the rapper wrote “payed” in her tweet and Twitter users corrected her by simply commenting paid. They also called her performance mediocre.

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