While fans of One Piece laud Toei Animation for its impeccable marketing strategies to promote the series and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved anime by displaying it on the Las Vegas Sphere in June 2024, Dragon Ball fans are decidedly not happy with the animation studio.

Dragon Ball Daima
Dragon Ball Daima | Crunchyroll

Fans feel that Toei Animation is not promoting Dragon Ball enough and is lacking in their approach. This is because the studio did not promote Dragon Ball Daima or celebrate its 40th anniversary. This has been a recurring problem for the franchise ever since Dragon Ball Super ended in 2018, as Toei Animation seems to have switched its priority to One Piece.

In fact, fans have even brought up the fact that Toei Animation has brought over the staff members from Dragon Ball Super to One Piece.

Dragon Ball Fans Storm To X To Complain About Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super | Crunchyroll

Dragon Ball fans aren’t one to mince words, and they have proven that by storming to X to complain about Toei Animation’s lack of attention towards the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball Daima is Akira Toriyama’s supposed unfinished final project and fans project their belief that his passing has generated more anticipation for the upcoming anime that Toei Animation’s promotional efforts.

So far, Toei Animation has only revealed a few trailers for Dragon Ball Daima and recently uploaded a visual featuring Goku and Shenron, with renders that were already utilized in previous promotional materials.


As a result, Dragon Ball enthusiasts quote-tweeted Toei Animation’s original announcement regarding One Piece‘s display on Las Vegas’s Sphere, urging the animation studio to ramp up promotion efforts for Dragon Ball Daima and the franchise’s 40th-anniversary celebration, which they feel has been lacking thus far.

Toei Animation Was Criticized For Being a Roronoa Zoro “Bias”

Sanji and Zoro
One Piece: Sanji and Zoro | Crunchyroll

One Piece Episode 1105 depicted a lot of interesting scenes. However, one scene in the anime is portrayed differently from the manga, which undermines Sanji and his abilities. Toei Animation has been severely criticized by One Piece fans for removing a scene that involves Sanji saving Vegapunk’s satellite number 3, Edison.

Fans were quick to take to X to express their disappointment with the production studio for allegedly undermining Sanji and downplaying his abilities, while highlighting Roronoa Zoro, who happens to be Sanji’s “rival” in the series.

Fans claim that Toei Animation is definitely biased towards Zoro and has some sort of personal vendetta against Sanji, as they are always observed dismissing Sanji’s role in the series while focusing on Zoro and putting him under the spotlight whenever possible.

Although it seems like Toei has the best intentions in mind for the series, the constant habit of undermining Sanji’s capabilities has an adverse effect on the fans’ perception of the animation studio. It seems as though Zoro and Sanji’s rivalry has escaped virtuality and taken a real form.

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