Kendrick Lamar may have set the record straight by saying there are no Big 3 in the world of rap music, but the debate for being the greatest rapper alive is still in full swing. As new albums drop and the collaborative lists are announced, alliances keep shifting, but the eye on the prize never wavers. With this said, Future and Metro Boomin have unveiled the track list and released all the 25 songs on their much awaited album, We Still Don’t Trust You.

J.Cole Joins Future and Metro Boomin’s Latest Album


It’s no surprise Future and Metro Boomin’s latest album We Still Don’t Trust You will top charts and garner massive listenership. Their fanbase has grown exponentially over the past few years, and their collaborative tracks have spurred controversies and debates. The addition of track Red Leather featuring J. Cole has shocked the fans as the singers come together after a game of dissing and name drops in songs.

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It seems like sides have been switched, and alliances have shifted since Cole expressed regret and apologized for dissing Lamar. Future and Metro Boomin capitalized the opportunity and featured Cole in Red Leather. Lamar and Drake have not reacted to this news yet, but fans believe Drake is all alone now as Cole has defected to the other side of the war. The collaborative duo are rightly singing, trust is a scarce commodity in today’s time.

The singer most affected by this collaboration is said to be Drake as he helped J. Cole get a catapult to stardom while things weren’t so great between him and the All The Stars singer Kendrick Lamar. The supposed big 3 Cole rapped about in First Person Shooter were himself, Lamar, and Drake. Next came Lamar’s reply as he stated that he’s the greatest and there are no big 3 in one of the songs in Metro and Future Boomin’s album. Now, Drake is on one side of the war by himself, while Cole quickly folded and joined Lamar to protect his booming career. This has led to some fans suggesting Drake diss Cole in his upcoming tracks to get even.

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What does this mean for the rapper rift?

Drake/ In My Feelings

Though clear shots haven’t been fired lately, things are tense between the three supposedly great rappers, Cole, Lamar, and Drake. While Drake and Cole were on the same side before, it appears that the latter has left the rapper alone and joined the opposite side. Given the history, Drake will not remain silent and will retaliate on some level.

The defection can also mean that Cole has finally conceded to the fact that Lamar is the greatest (as he sang in the eponymous song with Sia). Nonetheless, it’s great news for fans who wished to see the top performing artists collaborate and release some adrenaline pumping music.

We Still Don’t Trust You is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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