Celebrities’ dynamics keep on evolving with time and situations. Here we have the two famous personalities who made headlines again. Drake and Kim Kardashian who were rumored to be a couple and dating, now seem to be different. Recently Drake paid no attention to the billionaire at his concert.

Kim Kardashian at Drake Concert
Drake and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian made it to the Drake concert, but while enjoying, she got ignored by the singer, crushing the attitude she had before. After Drake ignored Kim Kardashian, it went viral all over and Drake fans are not surprised, and neither do they feel sad for Kim Kardashian.

Drake Ignored Kim Kardashian in His Concert

Drake ignored Kim Kardashian
Drake and Kim Kardashian

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Pop sensation Drake is busy with his concert lately and what if we tell you he’s busy ignoring the billionaire Kim Kardashian too? The model showed up at the rapper’s concert making it obvious to get noticed by Drake and make some good headlines. But Drake crushed Kardashian’s attitude by simply ignoring her. Kim Kardashian tried her best by standing very near to the barrier to stand out and get noticed but ended up being totally unseen by Drake. People immediately noticed it and a video of them has also been shared by XXL Magazine on X where Kardashian and Drake both can be seen.

In this video, the model is seen giving a smile, her arm casually resting on the railing, her gaze unwaveringly fixed upon Drake as he ascended the stairs. As Drake’s approach drew nearer, a warm smile spread across Kim’s face. However, this amicable gesture failed to halt Drake’s determined stride, who powered forward, passing her without a second glance. The reactions of fans are mixed in this post but no one really seems to be caring for the model but for Drake instead. Here are some comments on the post:

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Were Kim Kardashian and Rapper Drake Dating?

Kim and Drake dating history
Kim Kardashian and Drake

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There’s always so much with the Kardashians that you can literally write a book for each family member. And when it comes to the all-time controversial Kim Kardashian, she never fails to spice things up and get the limelight. Kim Kardashian and Drake were previously rumored to be dating for years, they have found themselves at the epicenter of swirling dating speculations. The origins of these rumors can be traced back to 2018, a time when the rapper seemed to subtly hint at a concealed romantic connection with her through his song lyrics of In My Feelings.

Suspicions began more about the pair when the rapper referenced a girl called “Kiki” in another song, which Kardashian fans will already know is the model’s family nickname, as well as the name of a lipstick shade from her KKW Beauty collection. Yet, at a later time, KimK issued a response to a video in which DJ Akademiks hinted at a romantic involvement between them. Her response was succinct:

“Never happened. End of story.”

Despite her straightforward dismissal, the persistent rumors found ways to resurface as time goes by.

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